John McCain is the undisputed king of meaningless blather on Sunday-morning TV talk shows

John McCain, Sarah Palin

One of the great unanswered questions of our time is why the major television networks — ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and Fox — so often feel the need to book Republican Sen. John McCain on their Sunday morning talk-fests.

McCain chairs no Senate committees and hasn’t authored any significant legislation since his campaign-finance bill, which was mostly shot down by the Supreme Court.

Still, more often than not, the Arizona septuagenarian and presidential-election loser is on the boob tube on Sunday mornings.

And yesterday was no exception, as Steve Benen notes HERE:

There have only been 19 Sundays so far this year, and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has appeared on one of the major-network Sunday shows 11 times, more than anyone else in the country. Why a network hasn’t just given him his own Sunday show is not yet clear.

And true to form, McCain made the most of his appearance by saying exactly what he was expected to say. He’s certain there’s a Benghazi “cover-up” (though he still doesn’t know what’s been covered up); he wants a special committee on Benghazi (though he doesn’t know why); and he insists Hillary Clinton was “in the loop” (though he doesn’t know which loop).

But what struck me as especially interesting were McCain’s comments on Syria. The Republican senator said the Assad government would be in trouble if “they move in” and if the U.S. “can give them the heavy weapons that they need.”


What about the inconvenient detail that many of the rebels have already pledged allegiance to al Qaeda? McCain considers that a “legitimate” question for which he has no legitimate answer.

After all, there aren’t “that many” al Qaeda allies fighting in Syria, so we shouldn’t feel qualms about giving them weapons and support. Why? Because “they are there.”

Behold, the Republicans’ top voice on matters related to international affairs.


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  1. I’m so tried of listening to John McCain and all his talk about wars, killings, bombings, invasions nothing but bloodshed talk comes from his mouth. Can’t the GOP get this blood thirty old man to retire? I think since he lost the election on 2008 he lost it mentally!

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