Check out the satire in this military version of The Onion


As a long-time reader of the satirical newspaper and Web site known as The Onion (see HERE), I was glad to stumble upon The Duffel Blog, a site that offers the same sense of the absurd as The Onion, but with a military slant.

Take, for example, THIS PIECE:

America’s leading Islamic organization took to the airwaves today in outrage after a local news station confirmed rumors that the deceased Boston Marathon bomber had accidentally been interred in a Confederate military cemetery.

WCSA Channel 61 broke the story on Monday that Tamerlan Tsarnaev had not been interred in the Al-Barzakh cemetery in Doswell — originally reported by most news outlets last week — but was accidentally buried in the Spotsylvania Confederate Cemetery just down the road.


“We don’t see why Tamerlan should have to be buried with these men,” a family spokesman complained. “He did something very stupid, but because of his burial location the Tsarnaev name will now be forever linked with militant treason.”

In a related story, the United Daughters of the Confederacy has put out a press release welcoming Tsarnaev as “another fine outstanding young man who fought the tyranny of the federal government.”


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