Stephen Colbert foretells likely wingnut response to Obama’s current spate of problems


Political satirist Stephen Colbert, who’s made a career of parodying right-wing pundits, SAID something last night that probably presages  the reaction among some righties to the IRS scandal that now bedevils the Obama administration:

“This proves that everything I’ve ever said about Obama is true,” he explained. “It’s official: He’s a secret Muslim, shape-shifting alien from Kenya, coming for our guns. And Bo [the Obama family dog]  is a member of the Illuminati.”

Colbert has hit upon perhaps the one bright spot in the current political besiegement of the Obama administration: It will embolden kooks everywhere — from Birthers to those who see the president as the antichrist and all the seedy specimens in between — to claim that their wacky theories have been validated.



  1. Chuck Sweeny

    Obama is in real political trouble over the IRS situation, the AP situation, and Benghazi, despite the strenuous denials of the administration-friendly media, which is most of the media.
    Nixon resigned over less than this. Some third rate burglars broke into the DNC office. Europeans never could figure out what the big deal was about Watergate. Nobody stole money, nobody got a contract for his buddy, nobody died and nobody was involved in a sex scandal. Yet Watergate was enough to allow the Democrats, with junior lawyer Hillary Clinton gleefully investigating, to bring down a president, who, by today’s standards, would be classified as a big government liberal.
    Life is weird, then you die.

  2. Robert

    If anybody should step down, it should be Eric Holder. Interesting how he and his team went after the media with no problem, but just couldn’t muster the strength to go after the banksters, who happen to be big campaign contributors. Was the media not paying enough graft?

    I’ve heard the law firm Mr. Holder came out of, represents the banks. Even the new person Obama put in charge of the SEC defended the banks in her past, but many liberals on this board thought that was a good thing, she knows where the bones are buried. A post I made yesterday about Obama giving more political power to the transnational corporations was met with no comments, nobody on the left seems to care he’s selling out the people just like I would expect from a Republican.

    I thought in 2008 and the lead up to the election, we had the man we needed for the times we were in. I stood in awe of the Senator called Barack Obama. I was so mistaken.

    I expected better from this administration. Is Elizabeth Warren the only person with integrity in our nations capital?


  3. Chuck Sweeny: You say that “Nixon resigned over less than this.”

    Wrong. You’re forgetting the so-called smoking gun tape, which showed that Nixon, in a conversation with White House aide H.R. Haldeman, on June 23, 1972, unambiguously ordered a cover-up of the Watergate break-in.

    There is no evidence against Obama that is even remotely similar.

    When the “smoking gun” tape was made public on August 4, 1974, Nixon’s political support in Congress evaporated. Three days later, Republican Sens. Barry Goldwater and Hugh Scott and Rep. John Rhodes went to the White House and told Nixon that he faced certain impeachment in the House and conviction in the Senate. On the following night, Nixon announced his resignation.

    Nothing like that is likely to happen with Obama. Sure, he’s in trouble, and, yes, cries for his impeachment already have arisen. But the far right has been calling for his impeachment for nearly four years. It could happen, but it’s highly unlikely.

  4. Brian Opsahl

    Chuck….really..!! Nixon..?

    The IRS did this NOT Mr.Obama…yes he is the boss, but unless he ordered them to do this how in any world doe’s this compare with watergate….several of his canet went to jail for some long term thinking did they not..!!…wow dude drink some more koolaid…can you say hyper bowl

  5. wilson

    Yea Chuck, he still doesn’t know anything about it otherwise why would he and Carney say “if this is true”?

  6. Wilson: If you have evidence that Obama knew something about illegal activities, share it with us.

    (Cue the crickets.)

  7. Brian Opsahl

    After 9 hearings on Benghazi zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and now it will be this…over, and ,and over,and over….I can see John MCain with smoke comming out his ears…impeachment.

  8. wilson

    Pat show me where I claimed there was evidence? I claim he knows nothing.
    The IRS confesses like 4 days ago and Obama says “if found to be operating “in anything less than a neutral and non-partisan way.”
    Well the IRS confessed and he still doesn’t know.

    Take a deep breath.
    Explain why this comment “Yea Chuck, he still doesn’t know anything about it otherwise why would he and Carney say “if this is true”?
    Would mean I was claiming he knew something?

  9. wilson: Take a deep breath yourself. I can play your silly game, too.

    Where did I say that you claimed there was evidence? I didn’t.

    I merely said: “If you have evidence that Obama knew something about illegal activities, share it with us.”

    That’s a reasonable request, isn’t it?

    Or are you going to ascribe sarcasm to what I said while denying there was any sarcasm in what you said?

    OK, now it’s your turn.

  10. Brian Opsahl

    Wilson likes to call someone names then complain that he is being called names….typical republican do as i say NOT as i do..!!

    What names have you been calling JRM…?

  11. wilson

    OK, Pat if you have evidence that Obama didn’t do anything illegal, please share it with us.

  12. Brian Opsahl

    Opps sorry wilson ….that was Terry but im sure you have done the same…haven’t you

  13. Brian Opsahl

    That’s not how it works Wilson….if Mr.Obama told someone to do this …he is in trouble..?

    If some stupid employees did this…he should fire them..!! today

  14. Robert

    So the boss of a entire branch of government can recuse himself from a decision to investigate an organization? I don’t know any other place but a govt job that someone in charge can say, I had nothing to do with what my staff did… this is outrageous.

    “The Justice Department says Attorney General Eric Holder removed himself from a decision to subpoena phone records of The Associated Press.”


  15. Robert

    Let me take that back, apparently the bank CEO’s can also plead I know nothing and say something like this. “well your honor, I had no idea my staff and their employees were giving loans to people who should never have qualified and then they bundled those loans into investments and derived products based on projected interest income and sold those worthless products to retirement programs around the world, and then took out insurance in case those loans foreclosed in a big way, but honestly your honor I had no knowledge of what they were doing. “…

    So apparently when your AG or a bank CEO of the too big to fail banks, you can claim you had nothing to do with it… only in America…

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