Liberal pundit blasts MSNBC — yes, MSNBC — for botching the facts regarding Benghazi


Media critic Bob Somerby (above), a liberal, is out with a snarky attack on MSNBC pundits Chris Matthews and Lawrence O’Donnell for their ignorance of the details regarding the so-called Benghazi scandal.

There’s no way I can do justice to Somerby’s case with mere excerpts. You’ll have to read the whole thing HERE.  .




  1. wilson

    Pat, you linked to “Ezra says the scandals are falling apart”

  2. Robert

    This is interesting. Apparently the republicans altered some of the content on those Benghazi emails. You know, those emails they want to be the smoking gun that brings down the Obama administration and leads to his resignation.

    As disappointed as I am in Obama, mostly because he’s just to accommodating the republicans who hate his guts, at least he’s got a tough veneer in the face of this constant and ongoing attack from the republicans.

    What happened to that party? Were the republicans this vicious before they recruited the religious right into their party? Or is it a result of that action? I’d say the latter. Thank Ronald Reagan for that. He’s the one who recruited the Falwell and Robertson crowd.


  3. wilson: Thanks for the heads-up. The link is now fixed.

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