Public interest in Benghazi and IRS “scandals” relatively low for such prominent news stories


Most Americans are not following the controversies regarding the Internal Revenue Service and the Benghazi tragedy with especially intense interest, as we see HERE:

A majority of Americans are following both the controversy over the attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi and the brewing IRS scandal – but at levels below historic averages, according to a new poll.

Fifty-four percent said they are closely following the story of how the IRS unfairly targeted conservative groups, according to the Gallup survey on Thursday, and 53 percent are closely following Benghazi. For both stories, 22 percent were following “not too closely” and 24 weren’t following at all.

“The level of attention being paid to each is below the average 60 percent of Americans who have closely followed more than 200 news stories Gallup has measured over the past several decades,” Gallup editor-in-chief Frank Newport wrote in an analysis of the poll.


UPDATE: By the way, President Obama’s job-approval rating shows that there’s still no proverbial blood in the water from these so-called scandals.

The latest edition of Gallup’s three-day tracking poll, released early this afternoon and reflecting surveys conducted Tuesday through Thursday of this week, shows Obama’s approval rating up one point from yesterday’s edition.

By a margin of four percentage points, more Americans approve of the job Obama’s doing than disapprove. And that’s after a week of relentless news coverage of the Republican Party’s scandal-mongering.

All of this could change, of course. But so far, the only people terribly excited about the misdeeds of the Great Satan in the White House are the usual gang of wingnuts.



  1. Steverino

    The Republicans massaged this story so much everyone lost interest. Are we surprised?

  2. Brian Opsahl

    The longer the republicans can keep this story in the news the less things like jobs and there putrid congressional record will be talked about…that’s exactly what they are doing.

    Do you realize how little the congress is doing for the pay they recieve and how often they are on vacation…but they have time to complain about a Marine holding an umbrella over the heads of States standing outside in the rain…really..!!

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