Poll: Almost no one thinks marijuana users should go to jail


Each year, roughly 800,000 people are arrested for marijuana offenses. That amounts to one arrest every 42 seconds, which represents a great strain on the criminal justice system.

The irony in all of this is that Americans overwhelmingly oppose stiff penalties for marijuana offenses.

A new poll conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates shows that only 6 percent of Americans think pot-smokers should be jailed.

Moreover, a majority of respondents say they would support legislation that would prevent the federal government from prosecuting people who grow, possess or sell marijuana in states that have legalized it.

The story is HERE.


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  1. marcus

    Too bad so many US jobs are tied in with the industry of incarcerating drug users. Our GDP is addicted to that steady cash flow. Are we willing to dump the ~500,000 jobs that the War on Drugs has created since 1980?

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