Here’s your opportunity to witness the birth of a conspiracy theory

APTOPIX Boston Marathon Explosions Suspect

As you may already know, some of the vermin on the far, far right of the American political spectrum have been peddling theories that last month’s Boston Marathon bombings were a nefarious plot hatched by the Obama administration — a “false flag” operation, as the loonies like to put it — as part of some broader scheme to disarm decent folks or put all the true patriots in concentration camps or something.

Well, there’s BREAKING NEWS this morning that an FBI agent has killed a man who was said to have had connections with suspected Boston bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (above).

You know what that means, right? It means that the crazy conspiratorialists have a new angle to exploit. They’re going to tie this incident involving an FBI agent to the overall theme that Obama’s people are out to sap us of our precious bodily fluids.

Remember where you heard it.



  1. Robert

    The phrase “false flag” is a legitimate term. How is it applied and to what situations is how it gets corrupted.

    Pat, I don’t believe this story has any merit as a false flag situation, but I do think you believe everything the government releases as the official story/evaluation and that’s where we part.

  2. Brian Opsahl

    Alex Jones is a nut case…thats it..! he deserves to be treated like an enemy combatant..!

  3. Robert

    Brian, people like Alex Jones are often times part of the intelligence organizations. They’re called agent provocateurs. Ever wonder where Alex Jones gets his money? Those brothers involved in the Boston bombings listened to his rants if I recall right. Many people who pose as activist, truth seekers, anti-establishment types are actually part of the NSA and or FBI undercover operations.

    On a different but similar note, in the criminal world, many people who are arrested plea bargain their charges down and in return they become informants. Many of the people who patronize some of the sleaziest bars and other environments in the various establishments around the country are actually there to provide feedback to the local police and sometimes the FBI. The police and FBI often times rely upon people who are criminals for their leads. Many times the informants lie or embellish to fulfill the terms of their plea bargained sentence.

    Likewise, all organizations are infiltrated by informants, from the Quakers to the Peak Oil groups to the KKK to the Tea Party. All groups are infiltrated. I’ve sat in Democratic Party meetings held in coffee shops and observed a man sitting on the side typing into a laptop. When he was asked his opinion on something, he gave a very non committal response and avoided answering. He must have been a rooky. I think he was probably a republican there to report back the content of our planning session. I’ve been in larger meetings after the 2004 elections where Democratic Party reps were. Most of us were depressed but this young woman who came in and sat next to me was very up, but she commented how the people seemed so unhappy. If I recall correctly, we were waiting for a conference call to begin and the phone was on speaker. The person on the other end of the line spoke up and told us what number to call to get in on a conference call some big name was chairing at the federal level. After that phone number to call in was broadcast to the room, that young perky, very happy woman, got up and left the meeting. So even political parties are infiltrated by the other party or interested factions. The intelligence operations are much bigger and broader than most people realize. We live in the information age.

  4. Robert

    Isn’t it time we really look at our immigration policy in terms of allowing people into our country who can so easily be religiously radicalized? What happened in the UK is just another example of the hostility that many from that faith hold towards the very country that takes them in.

    Do we really need to let immigrants into our country that go onto the welfare rolls? Is that the kind of immigrants we need? I knew people who looked into moving to Canada because they didn’t like the Bush years, they wouldn’t allow anybody in over 40 unless you had lots and lots of money and a business of your own to move up there. They didn’t want people who would burden their welfare system. They didn’t want to take in welfare cases. I think they’re smart.

    How long before more occurrences like what happened in the UK and Boston happen here? We may have radicals here in the Christian sects, but except for the killers of abortion doctors, we don’t see them doing what we see these Muslims doing to the very people who take them in. When you take in poor immigrants who have not much more than their faith to get them by, I suspect this is what you get. Shouldn’t we be more discriminating about who we let into our country. And as Lyndsey Graham said recently, shouldn’t we scrutinize people who migrate here from hostile territories seeking asylum who then go back and visit the very same areas they fled, like some family members of the Boston bombers did?


  5. Robert

    Here’s a fascinating article about Chechnya and the relationship to the Neocon agenda. Everything we do in the middle east and the eastern parts of Europe is about oil. It’s not about human rights, that’s the cover. It’s oil and access to the last remaining large, easily accessed reserves. Why is that so hard for many people, especially people on the right, to understand? Why does the right demonize green technologies so much when that’s the key to getting out of all these wars?

    The odd thing about this is article is I heard back in the early 2000s about the danger that radical Chechen’s posed to our country in the form of terrorists activities, but this article notes the courting of such relationships was a prime focus, mainly for access to land for the BP pipeline even as Russia was warning us about the dangers associated with Chechnya rebels. Also note how Sam Brownback’s name was brought up as a bought and paid for rep of the large oil interest. They’re all in the back pockets of big money. All of them, even the far right members of congress and the senate. Probably the only one has any degree of autonomy is Bernie Sanders.


  6. Pat didn’t you just have a post that something like 50% of what republicans said was a lie and that 25% of what democrats said was a lie?* So why any time someone suggest a conspiracy do you believe the government is telling the truth? Everyday they lie to us. But we are suppose to trust them when it comes to 9/11 and the Boston bombing? I’m not saying our government is attacking us, or played a part in these attacks. But I also wouldn’t put it past these folks if they thought it would help them gain more power.

    *numbers may not be 100%, but you get the point.

  7. Robert

    I went back into the archives for this since some try to label me as a conspiracy theorists. Well, I can be. We live in strange times. By the way, if you think this is the only info the NSA is collecting, think again. This is what they’ve admitted to. There’s no privacy. All your phone calls are recorded. Including the number dialed, the numbers you enter into your phone to access your bank acct, the pin #s, and then there’s the content of the conversations too. Think about it next time you’re having pillow talk with your mate or lover or when you tell your child where you hid the house key or all those things you wouldn’t normally want to be public. It’s all being collected. And don’t forget, many of those new smart tv’s have cams in them, so they respond to facial features and gestures for games. Do you think they’re only looking at your hands or face? Pretty soon they will have cams inside every home. The corps and our govt want to know everything about us.

    This kind of coincides with the latest story about The Heritage Foundation becoming a research organization. Wait until the data centers that house this info are breached. Of course we’ll be told nothing of value was taken. And people think Rupert Murdoch and Fox News was bad accessing movie star voice mail accts. Who else is getting access to information because they can pay for it. Everything and everybody has a price. Don’t forget that.

    So the next time some rightwinger says I don’t have anything to hide, think about what I said. Do you think every conversation you have is something you want the world to know about? Privacy is a word that has no meaning soon. It’s one of the concepts from the past.

    Go ahead, label me a conspiracy theorists. I’ve known about this for about 10+ years.


  8. Robert

    Beyond Orwellian, and not a peep out of the rank and file on this board regarding the ever growing invasion of privacy and destruction of our constitution. This subject should unite the people in opposition to the encroaching police state, but people favor throwing jabs and barbs at their political opposites more than they seek uniting events. There’s something sick about that. Real sick.


  9. Neftali

    Robert – I agree with you.

    The IRS specifically targeting people because of their beliefs.
    This same IRS blowing billions of our tax dollars on frivolous conferences while arresting people who don’t practice fiscal sanity.
    Spying on national news media.
    A Supreme Court decision saying its okay if you are even accused of any random crime, the police can take you in and force you to submit your DNA so you can be entered into national databases and tracked.
    And now NSA obtaining court orders to collect phone records of millions of completely innocent verizon customers.

    It has got way out of hand. Government is too big. Too powerful. It is out of control.

  10. Robert

    Thanks Neftali… its beginning to, well no, it is looking more and more like government has merged forces with the corporations that provide the tools to do all these things you and I noted.

    That’s called fascism. We’re becoming, no we’ve become, the very nation we used to point our finger of shame at. We’ve seen this before. Where are we heading as a nation. This is happening in front of us, in full view, and the people keep arguing amongst themselves as though one party is better than the other. They’re both the same, both take succor from the same utters.

    How do right the ship? We the people are seen as the enemy. That’s why they’re collecting all the data on us. This isn’t about catching terrorists, it’s about knowing everything we do and assessing a risk value to all of us.

  11. Robert

    At what point will it be justified to send in swat teams to sweep entire neighborhoods for whatever reasons the authorities use to do it? You know that’s coming at some point. When are the people going to wake up and realize, something is terribly wrong. This isn’t about keeping us safe, it’s about keeping us monitored. Whose monitoring the monitors?

    And what happens when all this data they’re keeping on all us is breached?

    I’ve read in Wired Magazine that they’ve got huge bldgs in Utah where all this information is being kept. It’s a NSA facility with its own power source. None of this is a secret. It’s all being done in front of our faces.

    I read the post from readers on that article about the NSA demanding phone records. People are outraged but where do we turn to when its the very people we elect that are enabling it. Are we supposed to believe that our senators and congress reps don’t have a clue this is happening?

  12. “At what point will it be justified to send in swat teams to sweep entire neighborhoods for whatever reasons the authorities use to do it?”

    Didn’t this happen in Boston after the bombing?

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