Republicans fervently hope IRS scandal is seen as evidence that Obama is fundamentally sinister


Jonathan Chait NAILS IT:

The Internal Revenue Service scandal remains alive and well as an agency screwup story. But agency screwup stories, even ones centering on the agency Republicans most despise and deliberately hobble, have limited political utility. What Republicans want is for the IRS story to be an Obama scandal. And as an Obama scandal, the IRS story is quickly following the same trajectory as the Benghazi story: a fever swamp obsession, in which understanding the fundamentally sinister character of the Obama administration is the predicate for interpreting all information or lack thereof, and the term becomes a code phrase shared by true believers to stand for deeper currents of left-wing machinations invisible to those outside the tribe.

Conservatives initially seized on the possibility that the IRS’s politically loaded search function to enforce its 501c(4) category represented an Obama-directed effort to punish his enemies. Yet every subsequent piece of information has undercut this suspicion. The IRS inspector general, a Republican appointee, found that the problems all originated from within low levels of the agency. Deep reporting from the New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal all found the same. (If you think reporters at those newspapers are covering up the administration’s involvement, you think they’re throwing away the chance to blow open a huge scandal.)



  1. Ron Carlson

    Well sure Pat he’s sinister just look at the picture he looks like he’s thinking what can I do next to destroy this country.

  2. Ron: Of course, that’s why I chose that photo from among the thousands available to me.

  3. Brian Opsahl

    When the bags at Fox started comparing the President to that picture on the history channels bio-about the evil devil…I could not believe they went there…with all the blood on Bush’s hands from Iraq war we Liberals could have went down that path years ago…
    That just shows you which party has NO class.

  4. Robert

    Will this be Obama’s next scandal. Oops. …Do people realize how tiring it must be to be under the spotlight every waking moment of your life. Having everything you do analyzed for some hidden motive or deliberate slam. It’s got to be a real drain.


  5. expdoc

    He’s a politician. That kind of attention is exactly what they crave.

  6. Robert

    As I’ve been saying all along, Obama is just a continuation of the Bush/Neocon agenda. I like when I have my perspectives confirmed by people who have more visibility than I do. Here’s my next prediction, those drones will someday soon come to America. Of course they will be presented as a tool for effectively keeping the American people safe.

    ” Hastings ripped Obama’s recent foreign policy comments, saying the president had bought into the Bush administration’s neoconservative worldview. ”

    Obama was specifically selected for the presidency before 2004. He was a Neocon all along. He fooled us in 2008 and again in 2012. He’s a progressive Republican who runs on the Democratic Party ticket. The next president will continue on where Obama leaves off, regardless of party affiliation.

    Nothing will change because the people are being passified with their addictions to spending for items they already have 5 to 20 of, over eating and playing incessantly with an electronic hand held electronic toy that is measuring just about every aspect of their lives and soon will even monitor your heartbeat and other vitals.


  7. Robert

    I read some of the comments from the article linked to my above post. Denial is the general consensus. People see what they want to, especially when its about someone they want to believe in. Doesn’t matter if its coming from the left or right paradigm, people want to believe their guy is more like them than not and minimally better than the alternative.

    I’ve said in the past, I’m in the middle politically. Know a person by what they do, not by what they say.

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