One in four opponents of Obamacare say it isn’t liberal enough


The widespread notion among conservatives that most Americans oppose the Affordable Care Act because it’s too liberal is simply not true, according to a CNN POLL released yesterday.

Granted, the survey shows that 54 percent of the public oppose Obamacare, while 43 percent support it. But only 35 percent of respondents oppose it because it’s too liberal. Sixteen percent say they’re opposed because it isn’t liberal enough.

The blogger who calls herself Digby has THIS RESPONSE to the poll:

[I]t would be nice if the media were clear on this. This is obviously a center-left country when it comes to health care reform and it’s only the third of the population that hates everything the government does who is unhappy. As they always are.


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  1. Everyone will soon see how much they benefit by the affordable care act (AKA Obamacare) and that is what the republicans fear! the public will be mad at the GOP when the truth is known!

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