This guy says husbands’ feelings are hurt if their wives make more money than they do

Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association is one of my favorite people.

I can always count on him to come up with grist for my mill — in THESE CASES, for example.

And now Fischer is telling us that womenfolk ought not bring home bigger paychecks than their hubbies because…well, because it’s emasculating.




  1. Brian Opsahl

    My wife has my permission to emasculate me all she want’s…lol

    republicans had another one of those panels on women to discuss womens issue….just one problem though….again they forgot to invite and FEMALES ….what is wrong with these guys that they think it’s a good idea to get togeather and tell our women the what,where.who,why,and when they should be doing thing’s….according to a bunch of old fat white guys….really how could they possibly lose the last election…?

  2. Craig Knauss

    Maybe Brian Fischer should marry Phyllis Schlafly. A match made in heaven!

    And the best part is – they’d be too old to reproduce!!!!

  3. Brian Opsahl

    Alex Jones could be the alter boy, and Pat Robertson could give them a blessing.

    EEuue Craig that’s a mental image that could make me lose my lunch..reproduce..!!
    Maybe that’s Rush Lintballs flower child parents..it would explain a few things…lol

  4. Kathy

    Helloooo…. Mr. Fischer, the 19th century is calling…

  5. As a stay at home dad I find comments like this silly. Married people are a team. You pick the roles you are best at and go with it. When our family grew from one kid to three we had to look at who was going to stay home with the kids. At the time we were both working and our oldest was struggling in school. I was making more money at the time, but her job was more stable. I have always been good with kids so I ended up being the stay at home dad. That was about eight years ago. The kids are starting to grow older and it was without a doubt the best choice we could of made. The kids are doing well in both school and sports. I’m able to coach their teams and attend all their school events. My oldest now rocks a 3.8 and is in the top 10 of her class. My wife and I have been together coming up on 20 years and our relationship has never been better.

    Now we do have to deal with all kinds of comments. Her parents may never understand. But they never did like me. My parents at first were like wtf. They have come around. Most people don’t get it. But our goal was not to be rich. Our goal was to raise three kids to be the best they could be. I think to often you see both parents working and their kids are raised by babysitters. We wanted to raise our kids.

    My wife was recently on vacation and she handled getting the kids off to school. I was able to sit back and relax. She got the first one out the door no problems. She had the youngest all ready to go and sits down. Looks at me and says getting the kids ready for school is easy. I then asked her if she had woke up the oldest. She had forgot all about her. The look on her face was priceless. She jumped up to get her going, but I had already slipped upstairs and woke her up. We laughed.

    So I guess what the fella said above is some what true. I deal with all kinds of comments. But they don’t come from my wife. They come from people who should just worry about themselves. It isn’t always fun to know people think less of me, but whatever.

  6. kevind1986

    And something stupid said by the left:
    Maher regarding Bush’s barbeques for vets: “I found this to be nauseating,” Maher said. “First he sends them off to war to get their limbs blown off, then he has them over for a barbecue. This is like the Cleveland guy having a pizza party for those girls he had in his basement.”
    We could do this all day, but no one would find it to be anything remotely resembling intelligent discourse.

  7. Maher nailed it.

  8. Ah, it’s always good to hear from our old friend kevind1986, especially when he’s telling about what he considers to be “intelligent discourse.”

    This is the same guy who once told us that it was “relevant” that “the majority of high school dropouts voted for Obama.”

    Of course, it’s also relevant that high school dropouts represented only 3 percent of the total electorate.

    And it’s also relevant that Obama got more votes than Mitt Romney from folks who had post-graduate studies. Obama’s margin over Romney among such voters was 13 percentage points. And those people represented six times as many voters as high-school dropouts.

    And it’s also relevant that Obama carried all 10 states with the highest percentages of college graduates, while Romney carried nine of the 10 states with the lowest percentages of college graduates.

  9. Craig Knauss

    It looks like kevind1986 left out a few points. I’ll help him with those.

    GWB joined the Texas National Guard to avoid being drafted during the Vietnam War. Very few NG units got called up for Vietnam, and ZERO Texas units did, since their primary purpose is to guard our nation from attack, hence “National Guard”. (Vietnam never attacked the U.S.) kevind1986 also neglected to tell us that GWB disappeared after completing only 4 years of his 6 year commitment. Apparently, he got grounded for refusing to have a flight fitness examination (which his commanding officer ordered due to GWB’s heavy partying).

    In 2000 GWB gets elected president. He takes office in January 2001 and immediately begins planning to invade Iraq. As we all know in September 2001 we are attacked by al Qaida. We invade both Iraq and Afghanistan and GWB calls up the NATIONAL GUARD to fight over there. That’s right, the same National Guard that Bush joined to avoid combat in Vietnam.

    Yes, kevind1986, Mayer nailed it!

  10. Robert

    Since the subject has become about GWB and Iraq, how about that freedom they got now. Over 1000 dead Iraqi’s from sectarian violence (lots of car bombs) in May 2013 alone. Well, at least they got the freedom to do that kind of thing now. Saddam H didn’t allow that kind of expression. He may have been a tyrant, or that’s what we were sold he was when he wasn’t useful anymore to American interest, but he sure knew the kinds of violence that would result if he wasn’t.

  11. Neftali

    Liberals like Craig continue to try and correlate 9/11 and the Iraq War, when no real evidence exists. Reminder that we invaded Iraq on March of 2003. Its in no way connected to the invasion of Afghanistan which started in October of 2001.

    Further, what the hell is the point of the National Guard stuff? It makes no sense. To put it another way, Obama never served in the Navy, what justification did he have in sending the Seals over to kill OBL?


  12. Neftali

    Robert – Yeah, that Saddam Hussein was a pretty nice guy. I mean, besides the that little invasion of Kuwait and the killing of about 200,000 kurds with chemical weapons he was quite the charmer.


  13. Robert

    Go look up the facts behind that Kuwait invasion and who endorsed his actions only to use it as a basis for war later. And oh yeah, how about all those babies in incubators that Saddam’s soldiers supposedly took and put on the cold floor to let die? (that never happened). They even had the crying young woman propagandizing the American people telling us that big whopper. She was the daughter of one of their diplomats. As far as the chemical weapons, where’d he get them?

    We only cared well after the fact, when it fit our agenda, or should I say, our American interest. Who was it that said, America has very few friends, just lots of interest, or something like that. I think it was Kissinger. At least he was honest. Sucker

    You’re not interested in facts or truth. Get a conscience Neftali. You might find out what remorse feels like and actually show us you’re human.


  14. Neftali

    Robert – So do you believe in every conspiracy theory that you hear? You should read up on some of Jesse “the body” ventura’s works. He’s just as nutty as you are, you’d like him.

  15. Craig Knauss


    That is one of your most retarded posts yet, and there’ve been some doozies.

    1) I never tried to correlate 9/11 and the Iraq War. Where did you get that crap? Dick Cheney tried to correlate them in 2004 campaign speeches, but I didn’t. Since you are quite slow, here’s the connection – the National Guard was called up to fight in both of them. That’s the only connection I made. Got it now?

    2) Did you even read my post? Can you read my post? I’ll try to dumb this down for you. GWB joined the Texas NG to dodge the draft during the Vietnam War. Someone was not draft eligible if he was in the Guard. And joning the Guard was a pretty safe way to avoid Vietnam because very few guard units were called up for Vietnam duty. And not one Texas Guard unit got sent there. Got it? However, GWB didn’t even finish his 6 year commitment. He disappeared with 2 years left. Then when GWB gets elected prez, he starts a war and what does he do? He calls up the National Guard to fight it. The same organization he used to dodge combat duty he called up later to go into combat. Got it?

    3) Your last sentence is just plain stupid. Obama never dodged the draft. Bush (and Cheney) did and then started their own war.

    And FYI, Saddam Hussein got his biological weapons from the CDC when Reagan was president. And it was Reagan that gave the Mujahedeen Stinger anti-aircraft missiles. After the Russians left, the Mujahedeen became the Taliban and al Qaida.


  16. Robert

    What conspiracy theory are you referring to this time? You have no idea what I believe other than I think that we are lied to all the time.

  17. Neftali

    Craig – You are the one not making any sense, as usual. By your own words only people who active activeley served in wars should be in charge of the military. Obama was not in a war, so he shouldn’t be Commander in Chief according to your backwards logic.

    Robert – you just answered your own question

  18. Robert

    I have no idea what you mean. Can you frame your response in the form of a conspiracy, kind of like were on Jeopardy, maybe I could interpret it better that way. cue – laughter

  19. Craig Knauss

    “By your own words only people who active activeley served in wars should be in charge of the military.”

    Where did I say that? Point it out. Maybe you should learn how to read and comprehend. Or see a “shrink”. I said Bush used the Guard to stay out of combat when he was eligible to go fight. Many people did that. But when Bush became president he sent the Guard into combat to do something he would never have done himself.

    I also said that Bush and Cheney dodged the draft to stay out of war and then when they took office they started a war. They didn’t have the courage to fight for their country but were more than willing to force someone else to do it.

    If you have ever been exposed to any military training whatsoever, you would have learned that a “leader” doesn’t order his subordinates to do anything he himself cannot or will not do. A real “leader” leads his people, not pushes them.

    Obama was not a draft dodger like Bush and Cheney. And he didn’t start either of those wars. They did. Therefore he is not a hypocrite like they are.

  20. Brian Opsahl

    Have you seen the picture of Donald Rumefield shaking the hand and smiling really big for the camera with….Saddam Hussien ….it’s old but precious.

    So Rumsfeld shakes his hand one day and gives him all kinds of those weapons he used against those Kurds you now care for….Then years later attacks him based on the weapons that ….who gave him again…? oh yea RUMSFELD did that who Nef..!!

  21. Neftali

    No, Craig, the only hypocrite here is you. You don’t think the Bush family is well aware of the horrors of war? Bush 41 was a decorated WWII pilot who was shot down! There are only two options here. Either A) You are a pacifist that is opposed to all combat in general and think the military should be eliminated or B) You realize that each President irregardless of their own background, was elected by the people to serve as Commander in Chief to represent the United States and act in her best interests.

    You seem to want option C) Meaning its okay for some Presidents who have zero experience in military to launch attacks (FDR, Clinton, Obama), but not okay for a President who enlisted in the armed forces to start an attack (Bush 43.)

    And again, you liberals always point to Bush who started the wars, when the majority of Democratic Senators, including your likely 2016 Presidential nominee, voted for them. You’re the very dictionary definition of hypocritical.

  22. Neftali

    Brian – That’s #6 where you are wrong. We never gave Saddam Hussein Chemical or Biological weapons. That’s just ridiculous. (I will plead the 5th on us providing more conventional weapons…but it wasn’t our stuff that killed 200K Kurds)

  23. Neftali: According to a 1994 Senate report, private American suppliers, licensed by the U.S. Department of Commerce, exported biological and chemical materials to Iraq from 1985 through 1989.

  24. Brian Opsahl

    Just about the same time as that picture was taken…huh nef, and that is the 6th time your wrong so…

    Yea non of the weapons Saddam got from us did he ever use on his own people…really nef..?

    and your calling me rediculous…!! take your head out of bush behind just for i minute to take a breath of fresh air…you really need it..Wow dude

  25. Robert

    Since were talking about Iraq. Remember when we propagandized about our whole mission was to bring freedom to the Iraqi people. You know that freedom to let the religious factions murder each other like they did in May to the tune 1000+? Remember how we were told that oil in their ground is the Iraqi people’s oil… The American people should be a little more skeptical of motives and conspiracies to lie. We’re lied to all the time. Because our leaders have an attitude that goes like this, “what ya gonna do about it”?

    “China already buys nearly half the oil that Iraq produces, nearly 1.5 million barrels a day, and is angling for an even bigger share, bidding for a stake now owned by Exxon Mobil in one of Iraq’s largest oil fields. ”


  26. Neftali

    I was wrong about the US not supplying Chemical weapons to Iraq. A variety of sources have confirmed this to be true.

    So I’ll deduct one from Brian being wrong, so he’s back down to 5 again. And Brian, its “ridiculous” not “rediculous”

  27. Steverino

    One comment on Bush’s bicycle rally. I really think he’s been tormented by mission accomplish and desperately seeks an inner peace that will sustain him for the rest of his life. Cheney of course could care less.

  28. Brian Opsahl

    So nef, do you wish to discuss those pictures with Saddam he took …? or that hand shake.
    And then admit your WRONG on several more of the same type issues…

  29. Neftali

    Brian – There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a picture taken with a foreign dictator, you neanderthal. I can show you pictures of Obama and Vladimir Putin, Mynamar President Thein Sein, Hugo Chavez, and Lord knows who else, together. What’s it prove? Nothing of course. And what’s your deal with the handshake? Would you prefer he bow like your Messiah Obama?

    What is important is the actual agreement that took place to arm the Iraqi military during their war with Iran, not the picture, you simple-minded dolt. We had an economic interest in the area, and we supported Iraq for a variety of other reasons. Was support of the Iraqi government justified at the time? That’s actually up for a lengthy debate. I would argue that there was several good reasons. However, I’ll concede that our involvement with the use of chemical and biological weapons was completely irresponsible and shameful.

  30. Brian Opsahl


    First Rumsfeld was the Defence Secretary…not the Prez.
    Calling me childish names shows your ten year old crybaby attitude when losing an argument….Sir..!!

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