Conservative Republican employee of IRS says White House didn’t order targeting of conservatives


While public attention is riveted on spying by the National Security Agency, the so-called scandal at the Internal Revenue Service seems to be UNRAVELING:

A self-described conservative Republican who is a manager in the Internal Revenue Service office that targeted tea party groups told investigators that he, not the White House, set the review in motion, the top Democrat on the House watchdog committee said Sunday.

Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., released a partial transcript of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform interview with the unnamed manager in the IRS’ Cincinnati office. In it, the employee said the extra scrutiny for tea party groups’ tax exempt status was an effort to be consistent in reviewing applications and not driven by politics.

“He is a conservative Republican working for the IRS. I think this interview and these statements go a long way to what’s showing that the White House was not involved in this,” Cummings said.

“Based upon everything I’ve seen, the case is solved. And if it were me, I would wrap this case up and move on, to be frank with you,” Cummings added.

In the five-hour interview conducted last week, the manager said one of his employees brought to him a tea party group’s application for tax exempt status. The manager said he recognized the political implications of the decision and flagged it for an office in Washington. Some Republicans have suggested that the Washington office initiated the close examination.



  1. Steverino

    Mr. Issa please report to the parking garage your car alarm is going off.

  2. Neftali

    Republicans need to learn the fundamentals of baseball. You don’t win games by constantly swinging for the fences and trying for a home run during each at bat. You take the pitch that’s presented to you, and make the best of it. More often than not, a nice base hit single will suffice. You put several base hits together to try and score.

    From the beginning there appeared to be attempts from the right to try and somehow connect all this to the White House. And from the beginning, their aspirations never made any sense. The thinking of the right was “The White House met with top IRS officials hundreds of times in order to orchestrate a plan to insure right wing groups either get audited or their tax exempt applications get stone walled.” Now, while such a diabolical plan might of been a remote possibility, to me it always looked more like the work of some spiteful left wingers from within the IRS itself. Rep. Cummings may be correct that’s it just the simple policy of conservative IRS member, but it does appear a bit bigger than that. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.

    The investigations and hearing were justified, but all the talks of trying to tie of this to the White House with zero evidence were absurd. Republicans should have aggressively pursued the base hit single. Meaning go after the internal IRS people responsible for this, even if it is a right winger, and make sure they are fired, or worse. Little things like that go a long way toward establishing credibility and winning games (elections). Instead they went for the home run and tried to connect to the White House. It’s a big swing and miss. And the Republicans have struck out.

  3. Brian Opsahl

    Wow nef your actully making sense today…

    Useing your anology your manager Romney was attempting to not only steal the bases without a runner on base….he wanted to change the rules without ever asking the umps opinion…then after striking out 3 times in a row wanted to blame the umps for it..Then he spit on all the fans on the way out the door…lol

  4. Neftali

    Shut up Brian. You’re still an idiot. Your analogy make zero sense, just like anything you’ve ever said.

  5. Brian Opsahl

    Your telling me to shut-up…..coming from a classless jerk like yourself…..ah No ..!!
    That’s the last time I make that misstake….wow what a BAG..!!! you are

    Off the med’s again or just another bad day for the wingnut…?

  6. Brian Opsahl

    There that made sense…!!

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