Fox News analyst says NSA leaker should be executed


In another example of how the kerfuffle over NSA surveillance programs has blurred the lines between the left and right of the political spectrum, we have THIS:

Fox News analyst Ralph Peters [above] said Monday that Edward Snowden’s leaks constituted “treason” punishable by execution.

Peters was speaking to Brian Kilmeade on “Fox and Friends,” and argued that no Americans have been hurt by the secret government surveillance programs that Snowden exposed.

“Now you’ve got this 29-year-old high school dropout whistleblower making foreign policy for our country, our security policy,” he lamented. “It’s sad, Brian. We’ve made treason cool. Betraying your country is kind of a fashion statement. He wants to be the national security Kim Kardashian. He cites Bradley Manning as a hero.”

Peters continued, “I mean, we need to get very, very serious about treason. And oh by the way, for treason — as in the case of Bradley Manning or Edwards Snowden — you bring back the death penalty.”


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  1. Robert

    Who is telling the truth here? The WH says the FISA request only tracks non US citizens. Really? How do they know who is a non US citizen? Is that part of the application for getting a phone or internet account?


    “According to the official, the sessions that took place over the course of 14 months starting in October 2011 touched on Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Amendments Act, which gives the attorney general and director of national intelligence the authority to gather intelligence on non-U.S. citizens for up to one year. ”

    Edward Snowden said they’re grabbing everything. How are we supposed to know who is telling the truth? The govt has every reason to lie to avoid acknowledging the depths of the program. Snowden has every reason to tell the truth as its his life he’s defending.

    Pat would have us all believe the govt never lies, distorts, willfully deceives or tells half truths. Pat, that’s why I say you’re part of the propaganda machine in this country. And of course you’re not going to like that label. But ya are Pat, ya are!

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