Fox News host says George Zimmerman’s weight gain means he’s “already been punished”


Fox News host Gregg Jarrett (above) is not one of his network’s big stars, but he sometimes shows an ability to be as ridiculous as any of them, as we see HERE:

Jarrett says that George Zimmerman “has already been punished” for the killing of Trayvon Martin because he “looks like he’s put on a hundred pounds.”

During Monday’s coverage of jury selection, Jarrett and Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle observed that Zimmerman had gained weight since his arrest in April 2012.

“He does look like a different guy,” Jarrett remarked. “It looks like he’s put on a hundred pounds. Look, he has been in hiding and he fears for his life, and there have been all kinds of death threats. And, you know, he can’t go anywhere, can’t get out and get exercise.”

“Probably suffering from stress and anxiety,” Guilfoyle added.

“You eat when you’re under stress and pressure and stuff like that,” Jarrett agreed. “So, you know, he’s already been punished to some extent. We’ll wait and see whether a Jury punishes him further.”



  1. Steverino

    By the looks of his recent court visit he could say the same for OJ.

  2. well…maybe if he didn’t shoot an unarmed American citizen, then he wouldn’t be locked up.

    it’s called neighborhood watch, not neighborhood gun toting vigilante.

  3. Christine Kaplan

    Typical liberal BS from Patrick Cunningham, the last bastion of liberal Bull from Rockford.

    I thought you died years ago Pat?

  4. Christine Kaplan

    Not very bright are you? He’s NOT LOCKED UP….yet. He’s out on bail.

    I know this is difficult, but you really need to pay close attention to the little details, trust me, you can do it – even if Patty cake can’t.

  5. Brian Opsahl

    In what hillbilly world are you watching this from…”Christine”

    A man walking through his own apartment complex with nothing but skittles in his pocket is being tracked by a man who was told not once but twice to STOP following this man by a police dispatcher…he disobeys those orders and confronts Travon who does’ not have a gun…and then shoots him dead.

    Maybe at the trailer park your living in that’s not how it happened but here on earth that kid is going to jail for 2nd degree murder…!! book it dano

  6. @ Brian- he was NOT walking through his “own” apartment complex. Get your facts straight before you post publicly.

    Zimmerman did not just walk up to Trayvon and shoot him. There was an altercation and “scuffle,” a real fight occurred. The Trayvon is not a “child,” like the media portrayed. He was a young man that was wandering around a neighborhood that wasn’t his wearing a dark colored hoodie. I would be concerned as well. Based off of the cuts and bruises on Zimmermans face and what appears to be a broken nose, sounds like self defense to me.

  7. *that was wearing a dark colored hoodie

  8. Yeager

    Jan – At this point in the trial, I have seen two witnesses say that they do not know Zimmerman, despite living in the same neighborhood as him. If they don’t know him, how could Zimmerman possibly know if Martin was in his own neighborhood? He obviously doesn’t know everyone who lives in that community.

    As for Zimmerman’s cuts and bruises, let’s just look at what no one disputes. Martin was walking through the neighborhood when Zimmerman spotted him. Martin committed no crimes while Zimmerman watched him. Despite this, Zimmerman called the police to report Zimmerman as suspicious. Zimmerman then pursued Martin (even after the dispatcher advised him not to).

    From there, the accounts differ. Did Zimmerman initiate contact with Martin or did Martin initiate contact with Zimmerman? We’ll never know. But from what we do know, none of what happened after the prior description would have happened if Zimmerman had not followed Martin.

    Did Martin hit Zimmerman? I’m inclined to think he did. Did Zimmerman fear for his life? I wouldn’t doubt it. But Zimmerman put himself in that position. And by the letter of the law, that means that Zimmerman cannot claim self-defense. You cannot instigate a fight and then claim self-defense.

    I don’t think Martin was an angel (and I also don’t think “the media” portrayed him as such). But no one has even claimed that Martin was doing anything wrong at the time the incident occurred. Only that he looked suspicious.

    So, from the undisputed facts, the summary is simple: George Zimmerman started a fight and then pulled a gun when he was losing that fight. We used to call that being a coward. Now you want to call it “self-defense.”

  9. Brian Opsahl

    Lady…he had a gun…that kid was armed with nothing more than skittles…FACT..!!
    He was walking back from where he came from…one of those apartments/condos…FACT.!!
    Zimmerman was told NOT once but twice by a police disspatcher….do not follow that man..do not follow that man…!!!
    In what hillbilly world of your’s does’ the color of a mans hoodie have anything to do with pursuing him after being told not to…and then killing him…are you insane lady..?

    The fact that Zimmermans face has a couple of scratches on it and Trayvon has a hole in chest and is dead, and all the evidence points to the guy with the gun not the kid with skittles.

    Like i said …Murder 2 …bookem Dano..!!

  10. “He was a young man that was wandering around a neighborhood that wasn’t his wearing a dark colored hoodie.”

    Good thing I wear light colored hoodies. I never knew a dark hoodie made you a suspect. Or am i allowed to wear dark hoodies cause i’m a white boy? I’m sorry but some people are stupid.

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