Republican candidate says the fact that chimpanzees can’t talk shows that evolution is bunk


For snarky liberal pundits like me, the Republican Party’s peculiar penchant for coming up with zany candidates for high office is a gift that keeps on giving.

Take, for example, the GOP candidate for lieutenant governor of Virginia, a right-wing clergyman named E.W. Jackson, whom I had fun mocking just a few weeks ago (see HERE). This guy’s every utterance is crazier than the one before.

In a book Jackson wrote a few years ago (notice the glaring misspelling on the cover above), he says the theory of evolution is disproved by the fact that chimpanzees can’t talk.

The story is HERE.




  1. Craig Knauss

    And what about dumb humans that can’t spell?

  2. Brian Opsahl

    H E Y…!! come-on Craig thats me…..lol

    Can’t spell but I sure can weld stainless steel…and any other metal known to man kind.

  3. Craig Knauss


    You should have been out here. The “Vit” plant has more freakin’ stainless steel piping, ducts, tanks, vessels, cell liners, etc., than you can even begin to imagine. You would have been in welder’s heaven, except for DOE’s funding whims.

  4. Robert

    Craig, since you brought up Hanford in a recent post, how are they doing in curtailing those leaking tanks?

    That problem sure could change the livability factor of that region, should those leaks reach the Columbia River.

    Is that ground seepage problem getting the attention it deserves or languishing like so many public projects are around the country?

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