Maybe it’s not hypocritical for Democrats and Republicans to flip-flop on issue of NSA surveillance


As the chart above makes clear, lots of rank-and-file Republicans and Democrats have changed their minds about National Security Agency surveillance over the past seven years.

Seth Masket argues HERE that such flip-flopping is defensible:

In my view, it’s hard for poll respondents to evaluate NSA surveillance, or any powerful government tool, without considering who’s in charge of it.

When people are asked what they think about the government having this power, they’re implicitly being asked what they think about President Obama having this power. Is it really hackish for people to be more comfortable with a governmental power if they know someone they more or less trust is going to be in charge of it? Is it hypocritical to think that police state tactics are necessary when someone who shares your values is deploying them but excessive when someone hostile to your values is deploying them? Democrats are basically saying, “Yes, this is potentially problematic, but we trust Obama to do it right,” and Republicans said the same thing about Bush.


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  1. I think this article is pure propaganda being spread by the NSA. Dis-info campaigns are very prevalent in today’s world. They’re part of a psy-ops operation to keep the people in a constant state of confusion and paranoia. Especially the supposed terrorist organizations.

    In the past few weeks there was an article about the NSA prying open shipping containers of computers and installing chips to allow surveillance. I doubt it and think that was total propaganda too. Not so much that there might not be a chip like that in computers, because its very possible they are built with that kind of access, but the story they are getting to them in the shipping containers in my opinion is a deliberate campaign to cause paranoia and make the supposed people they are tracking believe the NSA knows who they are.
    In reality these kinds of stories only serve to make the real bad guys find other methods of non-electronic ways to communicate.

    Many of our electronic devices are built in China. I’ve also heard those Chinese mfrs were installing similar devices so the Chinese could access devices used by other people in other countries, and it could very well be true, but the whole part of psy-ops is to keep people confused. Welcome to the new century.

    I suggest anybody interested in understanding how psyops works to look up the term. Here’s a definition from wikipedia “Psychological operations (PSYOP) or, officially since 2010, Military Information Support Operations (MISO)[1] are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.[2]”

    This article implies psyops is something new since 2010. Total rubbish its been around for decades if not centuries, only its more refined now and the media is very complicit in distributing it for public consumption.


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