In a sense, right-wingers who mock Allah are mocking God


Sarah Palin, political guru to the brainless, said this the other day in arguing against American military intervention in Syria:

“Let Allah sort it out.”

One can imagine that more than a few Islamophobes chortled like crazy at that clever remark.

But a question arises: Was Palin, in effect, mocking God?

There’s always been a lot of hair-splitting on the matter of whether Muslims, Jews and Christians all believe in the same God. But one basic fact remains: Islam, Judaism and Christianity are all monotheistic faiths rooted in Abrahamism. They all stem from the God of Abraham.

Then, too, there’s the fact that “Allah” is the Arabic word for “God.” Hence, there are Muslims, Jews and Christians of Arabic descent who commonly refer to God as “Allah.”

Which brings us to one of my favorite little factoids: Seventy-five percent of Arab-Americans are Christians, not Muslims. And since many Arab-Americans came to this country to escape the strife in their native lands, it only follows that some of them still use the same word for God they’ve always used — Allah.



  1. expdoc

    I have always wondered the same thing.

    Although, I would hardly say that “let Allah sort it out” is a mocking statement. If anything, a fine liberal like yourself should praise Palin for being political sensitive to the Arabic word for God and using it when referring to a religious comment about the Middle East.

  2. Robert

    How can the God that Muslims worship and the God that Christians worship be the same the God? Each uses their God to legitimize and endorse the destruction of the others as either infidels if you’re a Muslim, or as terrorists if you’re a Christian. Maybe God is a Gemini, then it would make sense if you’re into astrological signs. At least that’s what I’ve heard.

  3. expdoc

    An infedel is much different than a terrorist.

  4. Ahmned

    Actually infidel and terrorist are one and the same. Infidel was the term used by Christians to describe Muslims during the Crusades, and now terrorist is the word used to describe Muslims. The term Infidel doesn’t exist in Islamic terminology.

  5. Umm Abdullah

    Also, in the language that Jesus (peace be upon him) spoke – Aramaic – the word for God is ‘Allaha’. (In Arabic, Allah may be pronounced ‘Allaha’, ‘Allahi’, or ‘Allahu’, depending on how it is used in a sentence.)

  6. Umm Abdullah

    And when Christian missionary groups send Bibles to Arabic speakers, the name for God in those Bibles is Allah.

  7. I was under the impression allah is god. Muslims are just a little more hardcore in following what was written then christians. Both groups worship the same God. Been a while since I looked at what makes them different though. One difference Muslims believe Muhammad was a prophet. God spoke to Muhammad through an Angel and that is where the koran came from.

  8. Robert

    Ahmed, what do Muslims call non-believers? Infidel is the term I’ve heard used but maybe its wrong, I see the term kafir when I look up what do Muslims call non believers, but I must say its not a term I’ve heard used in the msm. Infidel is the one I’m most familiar with and that’s only because I’ve heard it used so much since 911.

  9. hillery

    Sarah Palin was making the point that the US should NOT get involved in the conflict in Syria.

    I agree with Palin.

    I guess Cunningham missed the focal point of her message.

  10. Let me help you out. The God of the Christian and Jew is NOT the god of the Muslims. Therefore Sarah Palin was mocking a figment of the Muslim imagination. Get over it

  11. This is probably the least offensive thing that Sarah Palin has ever said.

  12. Steverino

    Unfortunately the word Infidel was overused by Hollywood and their many historical inaccuracies.

  13. Nick Shaw

    What is it with “unabashedly” liberals or their publications that unabashedly always seek to describe those who disagree with their opinion a “-phobe” of some kind?
    Here we are described as “islamophobes” while a link at the end of the piece describes “Obamaphobes”.
    We have no pathological fear of islam or Skeeter. What we do have is recognition of their words and deeds and how they may impact our lives. That is not fear but, informed opinion.
    That liberals tend to downplay these words and deeds is rank ignorance. To denigrate those who are aware of the potential consequences with fanciful epithets serves only to confirm your ignorance.
    As to Palin’s words and your pitiful bleating about comparable “gods”, you take your ignorance to new heights in trying to picture islam as an acceptable “religion”.
    It is not a religion at all. It is an ideology whose founder co-opted the teachings of Christians to give his real purpose of conquest and domination cover and a ruse to placate those he wished to attack. The old, “See, we’re not much different from you.” scam.
    And muslims, with the blind cooperation of liberals still use it today.
    Many on my side would tell you to wake up but, I know there are some who, even if awake would still be stupid.
    Darwin’s law of survival of the fittest will soon play out. The lame, sick and stupid will be the first to go.
    That may sound harsh and extreme but, my words are nothing to the reality that awaits in the not too distant future.

  14. Umm Abdullah

    I’m not Ahmed, but I am a native English speaker who has been Muslim for more than 20 years and has been living in the Middle East for longer than that. I’m not sure why this question is even being asked, but I doubt if I’ve ever used the word ‘infidel’ except in discussions like this. When I refer to people who aren’t Muslim, I call them ‘non-Muslims’. There are different words used in the Quran; Jews and Christians, along with Muslims, are called ‘People of the Book (or Scripture)’. Disbelievers in general are called ‘kafir’, a word that means to reject.

  15. A
    Muslims and Christians do not share the same god. No god of any religion would have a mass murdering rapist thief slave holder and slave trader as their prophet. mohammad was all of this and more. He is not the same god as Christians or Jews.

  16. Ahmned

    Robert, I’m no expert on Islam, I’m only responding from my reading of the Qur’an. Non-believers are called non-believers, or “those who do not believe”, and these are different from Jews and Christians, who are called based on the context; Jews, Christians, or People of the Book. There is another category mentioned in the Qur’an al-Kafirun (plural for Kafir) and these are Non-Muslims who show animosity towards Muslims.

  17. The Christian God is Trinitarian; the Jewish and Muslim gods are not.

  18. Pops: Not all self-proclaimed Christians believe in the trinity.

    The Mormons, for example, don’t.

    You can argue that Mormons aren’t real Christians, but they say they are. After all, theirs is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

  19. Umm Abdullah

    Actually, Jesus (peace be upon him) didn’t teach the trinity, and the early Christians didn’t, either.

  20. Jesus said, “I and the Father are one.” Read John 14:15-21, John 14:26, Acts 2, John 7:38-9, and then tell me Jesus didn’t teach the Trinity. Then read the Early Church Fathers, especially Polycarp (n. 14, ed. Funk; PG 5.1040), Justin Martyr (First Apol., LXI), Irenaeus (Against Heresies X.l), Tertullian
    (Adv. Prax. 23; PL 2.156-7), Ignatius of Antioch and Origen for evidence that the Trinity was believed from the beginning.

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