Bill Ayers wants Obama tried for war crimes


THIS is going to confuse the hell out of some wingnuts:

Bill Ayers [above] believes President Obama should be put on trial for war crimes at The Hague, the Weather Underground co-founder told Real Clear Politics in an interview posted Tuesday.

Ayers told the website he “absolutely” believed the president was engaged in terrorism for his use of drone strikes in fighting the war on terror.

“Absolutely. Every president in this century should be put on trial, every one of them,” Ayers said. “For war crimes. Absolutely.”

Ayers also said he would give the president a “failing” grade, while admitting that he liked him personally more than other recent presidents.

The Weather Underground was labeled as a “domestic terror group” by the FBI after a carrying out bombings of federal buildings, including the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol, in protest to the Vietnam War. Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, spent nearly a decade on the run as fugitives; federal authorities eventually dropped charges against them because of FBI misconduct.

Obama’s ties to Ayers became a flashpoint of the 2008 presidential campaign. Both lived in the same South Side neighborhood near the University of Chicago and volunteered on charitable boards at the same time. Ayers also hosted a campaign event for Obama, but officials for the Obama campaign said they had not spoken by telephone or email since the president was first elected to the Senate in 2005.

Obama dismissed efforts to tie him to Ayers during the 2008 primary.



  1. expdoc

    Why would anyone be confused when a liberal whack-job acts just like you expect him to act?

  2. Neftali

    Interesting. So liberals now have a choice of siding with former domestic terrorist Bill Ayers in calling for war crimes against Obama and Bush. Or they can side with Obama and admit Bush was right.

  3. Steverino

    Kuala Lumpur has first dibs on the Crawford fugitive.

  4. Neftali: Bill Ayers has never been convicted of a crime, which is more than Scooter Libby can say.

  5. Then Obama could get a tenured professorship at some big lib university.

    Good to see that you’re not confused about it Pat.

  6. Ross: To people like you, every school this side of Pat Robertson’s Clown College is a “big lib university.”

  7. Thomas

    RE: Pat Cunningham “Ayers never convicted….”
    Excuse me, your naivety is showing. Is that your justification for a despicable person who plotted others deaths. He counts on people’s naivety to believe his group’s bombs were meant to harm objects with nails, etc.

  8. Thomas: Ayers has never been convicted of anything. That isn’t “naivety.” That’s a fact.

  9. And Ayers is a professor in one. That was the point. Did you miss it, or were you more concerned with the lib label? I think you are confused Pat. ??

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