Two more polls indicate American public’s ambivalence on issue of NSA surveillance programs



As I’ve noted on previous occasions (HERE, for example), polls on the matter of snooping by the National Security Agency and how to deal with NSA leaker Edward Snowden have shown divergent results that blur the lines between the left and right of the political spectrum.

And now there are two more such surveys.

HERE‘s one:

Americans are divided when it comes to charging Edward Snowden with a crime for leaking portions of the National Security Agency’s sweeping surveillance of phone records and Internet activity, but they clearly want to know more, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. Nearly two-thirds said they want open, public congressional hearings on the previously secret programs.

And HERE‘s another:

The new national survey, conducted June 12-16 by the Pew Research Center and USA TODAY among 1,512 adults, finds that 44% think that the release of classified information about the NSA program harms the public interest, while 49% say it serves the public interest.

However, 54% of the public – including identical majorities of Republicans and Democrats (59% each) – say the government should pursue a criminal case against the person responsible for leaking the classified information about the program.



  1. Robert

    NSA’s Keith Alexander Calls Emergency Private Briefing To Lobby Against Justin Amash Amendment Curtailing Its Power

    “But Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee with access to classified details about the program, said there is no evidence that the data collection had been directly responsible for stopping any single plot. Civil libertarians, meanwhile, are aghast at the NSA’s broad interpretation of the law, and even the bill’s author said he was surprised at how it is being used.”

    Did you see that? …”there is no evidence that the data collection had been directly responsible for stopping any single plot.”…


  2. Does anybody really believe that all info we post or access on the internet, isn’t being compiled to be used for many purposes, but this one sticks out as being rather ominous. At some point if we’re not there yet, blogs, especially political blogs and the comments we post will become the information used to access our threat level. Blog creators will be incentivized to sell the information they collect.

    On a different but similar note, the gas station I trade at has video cameras throughout the facility. I remarked to the cashier, whose family owns the station, at some point the NSA or an affiliate will offer to pay you to route your video footage through the NSA. She responded, “what makes you think they haven’t already?”.

    Just saying. Every bit of data has a market price. And to my understanding, none of this datA has directly or indirectly stopped one mass shooting attack in the USA or maybe anywhere. The gathering of data is to suppress any potential leader from gaining too much power to lead a movement that isn’t what the string pullers approve. Data will be used to demonize and destroy the credibility of anybody who the corporations and govt leadership believes threatens their hold on power.

    The future gets creepier every day.


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