Superman is not Jesus


It says HERE that some folks are drawing religious inferences from the latest cinematic depiction of Superman:

“Man of Steel” is tops at the box office, and a few of the $125 million it brought in during its opening weekend came from churchgoers. Warner Bros. is marketing its Superman flick as Christian allegory.

The Christianity is sort of in there, at least insofar as “Man of Steel” follows the familiar template of an outsider who is the only hope for some group’s salvation. In this case, the outsider comes from Krypton, and the group is all of humanity. The same hero story appears in countless forms throughout history, literature and cinema.

Yet this is no “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” that bludgeons the viewer with its Christianity. One must squint to see the Jesus between all of the explosions.

The Christian myth is especially hard to find toward the end of “Man of Steel.” If Jesus had followed the same path as this Superman, he would have come down from the cross, fought a miraculously violent battle with the Romans, and left hundreds or thousands of unlucky Jews dead in the smoldering ruins of Jerusalem. Then, reflecting the film’s biggest misunderstanding of the Superman character, he would snap Pontius Pilate’s neck with his bare hands.

Director Zack Snyder was not particularly subtle with his other preachy messages.

Krypton explodes because Kryptonians depleted their natural environment in an endless search for energy. Global warming, anyone?

Superman is an alien, but he grew up in America. When a general questions where the big guy’s loyalties are, Superman explains, “I grew up in Kansas, general, about as American as it gets.” Immigration commentary?

There is even a libertarian theme about the freedom to choose one’s own destiny.



  1. expdoc

    I like the suit.

  2. Steverino

    What’s Clark going to do now that the phone booths have disappeared.

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