Mitch McConnell doubts that Obama was involved in IRS stuff


Well, look who’s meekly going along with the cover-up of crimes committed by the Muslim interloper from Kenya. It’s none other than the Mitch man, as we see HERE:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell addressed the conservative American Enterprise Institute on Friday to update a warning he issued at the same venue one year ago about President Obama’s supposedly anti-free speech administration.

But the subtext was actually quite different: McConnell effectively acknowledged to disappointed conservatives that recently revealed IRS malfeasance probably wasn’t the consequence of any direct action taken by the White House.

“There might be some folks out there waiting for a hand signed memo from President Obama to Lois Learner to turn up,” he said, referring to conservatives and Republicans who have charged that the IRS was following White House instructions when it targeted conservative non-profits. “Do not hold your breath.”

These remarks were extemporaneous — they did not appear in the prepared text of his speech.



  1. expdoc

    I don’t think the President was directly involved but he certainly called for such action to take place in the generic sense.

    I am waiting to hear the results of the investigations and will be interested to see from how high on the food chain the heads roll.


    Perhaps the only useful part of the inspector general’s audit of the IRS was its timeline. We know that it was August 2010 when the IRS issued its first “Be On the Lookout” list, flagging applications containing key conservative words and issues. The criteria would expand in the months to come.

    What else was happening in the summer and fall of 2010? The Obama administration and its allies continue to suggest the IRS was working in some political vacuum. What they’d rather everyone forget is that the IRS’s first BOLO list coincided with their own attack against “shadowy” or “front” conservative groups that they claimed were rigging the electoral system.

    Below is a more relevant timeline, a political one, which seeks to remind readers of the context in which the IRS targeting happened.

  2. Robert

    Does anybody believe Karl Rove’s organization, American Crossroads, isn’t in place to impact the political process and outcomes of elections? Does anybody believe ALEC, isn’t in place to impact the political process and outcomes through the legislative process? Both are tax exempt, not for profit organizations that the IRS should have revoked.

    All this backlash against the IRS is to give cover to all the abuses these non-profit status organizations are doing to the political process in our nation. If they are supposed to be non-partisan, why are the two I noted above filled with an overwhelming amount (nearly 100%) of conservative Republicans and the organizations that love them.

    The only victims in this IRS scandal are the American people who are being run over by the deeds of these faux charitable organizations, whose only mission is to do everything for big business and nothing in favor of the people and common good.

    I suspect none of you will watch this, but find out for yourselves just how corrupting these supposedly charitable organizations are to the political process.


  3. Craig Knauss

    Once again doc posts a rightwing opinion appearing in a rightwing rag as proof of something.

    Doc, all you have proven is that Kimberly Stassel has freedom of speech.

    The Tea Party in my area wanted tax exempt status too. Then they held a hate-filled rally that also endorsed a far-rightwing nut job for U.S. Senator.

    Non-partisan my a–!

  4. expdoc


    It is not proof of anything, it is merely another opinion. Most liberals are afraid of diversity of thought, I know, but you’re smart enough to take it.

    You realize that what I did is the bread and butter of what Pat does each and every day, right?

  5. Craig Knauss


    Read my comment about the Tea Party. This is what I have to deal with every day.

  6. expdoc

    If I lived in Madison and worked at the state capitol building I would have to deal with the same thing every day too.

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