Documents show that IRS targeted liberals groups, too


Some of our scandal-m0ngering conservative friends aren’t going to like THIS:

The instructions that Internal Revenue Service officials used to look for applicants seeking tax-exempt status with “Tea Party” and “Patriots” in their titles also included groups whose names included the words “Progressive” and “Occupy,” according to I.R.S. documents released Monday.

The documents appeared to back up contentions by I.R.S. officials and some Democrats that the agency did not intend to single out conservative groups for special scrutiny. Instead, the documents say, officials were trying to use “key word” shortcuts to find overtly political organizations — both liberal and conservative — that were after tax favors by saying they were social welfare organizations.

But the practice appeared to go much farther than that. One such “be on the lookout” list included medical marijuana groups,, organizations that were promoting President Obama’s health care law, and applications that dealt “with disputed territories in the Middle East.”

Taken together, the documents seem to change the terms of a scandal that exploded over accusations that the I.R.S. had tried to stifle a nascent conservative political movement. Instead, the dispute now revolves around questionable sorting tactics used by I.R.S. application screeners.



  1. wilson

    This guys brings up the difference between “targeting” and “flagging”
    “Yesterday, House Democrats released new IRS documents which, along with a briefing from the new IRS director, managed to get several news outlets to report that “progressive” groups had been targeted by the IRS in much the same way as Tea Party groups. The more accurate reports merely mention that a certain type of “progressive” group applications was mentioned on IRS “be on the lookout lists.”

    But if progressive advocacy groups were given the third degree, then you might ask why none of them have come forward. Possibly because the documents in question do not actually say they were systematically targeted. And in fact, probably because the kinds of groups discussed in these documents are of a totally different nature than the Tea Party groups targeted in the recent scandal.

    The 14 new IRS documents do mention the term “progressive,” but only in describing applications for the coveted 501 c(3) status, which confers tax deductibility on donations. The documents where the term “progressive” appears (or wasn’t redacted) instruct agents that c(3) status is not appropriate for groups that conduct overtly political activity. Unlike 501 c(4) groups — nearly all of those involved in the Tea Party targeting scandal — 501 c(3) groups are not permitted to engage in political advocacy at all.”


  2. wilson: Let me know if you or your friends at Jammie Wearing Fools come up with any evidence directly linking the White House to the so-called IRS scandal.

    (Cue the crickets.)

  3. Steverino

    As Gomer would say surprise, surprise, surprise!

  4. wilson

    Pat, that is a very foolish question.
    I don’t believe the White House will be directly linked. There are no signed memos by our President directing his folks to target anyone.
    wink wink.
    Remember our President surrounds himself with like minded folks and he is way to smart to personally direct such activities.
    In addition, don’t forget he graduated with honors from Harvard Law school so to think that there is any direct link is foolhardy.

  5. Brian Opsahl

    That’s your evidence…sorry BS …he graduated with honors from Harvard Law…wink,wink…really..!! wilson…useing your logic then since Bush went to Yale and graduated with honors in drinking and cocain usedge…and then 911 wink,wink…is that how it’s done..?

  6. wilson

    Brian, you really do have issues with reading comprehension.

  7. Craig Knauss


    You really do have issues with delusion.

  8. expdoc

    If this is all much ado about nothing, then I wonder why the IRS decided to “announce” the topic in such an odd way and why it took until now to confirm that any other than conservative groups have been targeted?

    By the way, which specific liberal groups were targeted again? How long were there applications held up? Any specific examples of liberal groups or individuals being subjected to unusual or repeated audits?

  9. exdoc, perhaps IRS staffers felt there needed to be a public discussion on whether pseudo-political organizations can claim tax-exempt status? They sure created awareness, for better or worse.

    To me, this is borderline fraud and the real outrage. We are subsidizing political activities for no good reason. The rules against political advocacy by tax-exempt groups should be far, far more strict. Any religious groups that engage in these activities should be reined in as well.

  10. expdoc

    If that is true, why would they only initially acknowledge that conservative leaning groups were targeted?

    It can’t be fraud if they are following the law, particularly after being scrutinized by the regulatory agency responsible.

  11. wilson

    Thanks Craig, that comment coming from you made my day.
    I am still chuckling.

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