Behold the Religious Right’s exploding heads


In an earlier post today (HERE), I offered a sampling of quotable quotes regarding the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage.

And now, thanks to the fine folks over at Right Wing Watch, I’ve got a nice collection of angst-ridden reactions on this matter from elements of the Religious Right.

THESE GUYS, for example, are accusing America of “shaking its fist at God.”

And THIS WOMAN says Satan is trying to get heterosexual marriages banned in America.

Meanwhile, our old friend Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association SAYS anti-gay activists eventually will be made “second class citizens.”

Rep. Louie Gohmert, another one of our favorites, SAYS we are witnessing “the end of a great civilization.”

And Penny Nance of Concerned Women for America WARNS that “the legalization of polygamy is coming next.”

Stayed tuned for more hysterical rhetoric in the coming days.



  1. Frank W Zimmerman

    And here all along I’ve been taught that a plug goes into a socket in order to get along.

  2. Frank: I suppose that little joke is considered funny among you homophobes.

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