The Running of the Interns



The images above are part of  THIS NIFTY COLLECTION of photos of broadcast network interns running with copies of the Supreme Court decision on the Defense of Marriage Act.



  1. Steverino

    Any pictures of that horse’s backend Alito rolling his eyes during Ginsberg’s dissent of voting rights act.

  2. Neftali

    Steverino – I’m fairly sure that cameras or any video equipment are not allowed in the room of the Supreme Court. There has been repeated attempts through the years to get them permitted, but so far no luck. As of right now, there is only audio available of such events.

  3. Hey Nef, speaking of video and cameras, I ran across a “Neftali” selling stock photos on shutterstock.com. Are you a photographer?

  4. Neftali

    Q: Are you a photographer?

    A: No. I go by Neftali on this site only. The Texas Rangers have a pitcher (currently on the DL) named Neftali Feliz. He was doing pretty good on my fantasy baseball team at the time, so I figured his name was good as any.

  5. Steverino

    There was a good description of what happened. I thought there was some type of decorum to be followed by supreme court justices but apparently Alito has his own rules. God what an *******!

  6. Thanks Nef…. fantasy baseball team huh? I wonder if anyone has developed a way to play fantasy politics, where we can “draft” politicians who we think will rise to higher offices. As with sports, it might generate interest in otherwise drab races/candidates.

    Patent pending!

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