Cool cover


The image above speaks for itself.

Nothing I say could make it more poignant or eloquent.



  1. This is the only magazine to which I still subscribe. This is a good example of why.

  2. Neftali

    I think the cover is ridiculous. Glad to see someone else agrees with me.

    “What the hell, guys? In a week when we experienced an amazing achievement in the fight for marriage equality, The New Yorker has summed up the Supreme Court’s historic DOMA decision in next week’s cover image, conveniently posted online this morning because the click-baiting, buzz-obsessed culture we live in propagates infantilism. That’s essentially what Jack Hunter, the artist behind the cover image, and the venerable magazine’s editors have done: belittling the decades-long — hell, millennia-long — fight for equal rights by needlessly sexualizing a pair of puppets.”


  3. danimal

    I am glad that it was turned over but this headline is really what it should have said: “SCOTUS agrees with Koch brothers, strikes down anti-gay law signed by Bill Clinton.”

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