Egyptians upstage anniversary of our revolution


THIS suggests that it will be a noisy 4th of July in Cairo:

Egypt’s military on Wednesday ousted Mohamed Morsi, the nation’s first freely elected president, suspending the Constitution, installing an interim government and insisting it was responding to the millions of Egyptians who had opposed the Islamist agenda of Mr. Morsi and his allies in the Muslim Brotherhood.

The military intervention, which Mr. Morsi rejected, marked a tumultuous new phase in the politics of modern Egypt, where Mr. Morsi’s autocratic predecessor, Hosni Mubarak, was overthrown in a 2011 revolution.

The intervention raised questions about whether that revolution would fulfill its promise to build a new democracy at the heart of the Arab world. The defiance of Mr. Morsi and his Brotherhood allies raised the specter of the bloody years of the 1990s when fringe Islamist groups used violence in an effort to overthrow the military government.

In an announcement read on state television, Gen. Abdul-Fattah el-Sisi, the Egyptian defense minister, said the military had taken the extraordinary steps not to seize power for itself but to ensure that “confidence and stability are secured for the people.”

Under a “road map” for a post-Morsi government, the general said, the Constitution would be suspended, the head of the Constitutional Court would become acting president and plans would be expedited for new elections while an interim government is in charge.


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  1. Robert

    I was listening to a national security analyst talking about this situation in Cairo. He said the Morsi faction was an attempt by the far right to legitimize their conservative movement and use the political system to effect that change, as opposed to the use of terrorism, which is the way of Al Qaida and its affiliated groups. The message that this coup is giving Al Qaida is change through the political system didn’t work and it may instigate an increase in terrorist activities worldwide.

    On a different subject but related. We as a nation watch as the middle east experiences civil unrest with Syria, Egypt and Turkey being the most recent examples. One has to wonder what could be the catalyst here in the USA for such unrest. I’m concerned that the outcome of the Trayvon Martin case could become that catalyst if Zimmerman is found innocent or the jury is hung. I was made aware of a website where some very violent comments and outcomes were noted if Zimmerman gets off… I’m surprised the FBI hasn’t arrested the authors of these statements. I don’t know much about this website but it should be investigated.


    If another young man can make a threat in jest and say lol and jk to show he was just kidding and be arrested and now be on suicide watch, I would think these people making these comments in the above link (if they are real), should be treated likewise.


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