Is this headline offensive?


Some people say the headline pictured above is offensive because it plays on the stereotype of Asians mispronouncing the letter “R” as if it were “L.”

I say nonsense.

There’s more HERE.


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  1. Robert

    No…. Reminds me of a political aide who used the word “niggardly” in his evaluation of a budget he saw as stingy and miserly. He had to resign. It’s not what you say as much as how its intended and the vane in which its said. All the person who made the big deal out of the “niggardly” situation did was show their ignorance of the English language and their desire to play the victims role.

    One thing I have to credit to, are the censors out there from the Gay community, they’ve shown great restraint in claiming a person was prejudice or defaming gay people because of unintended uses of a word. More groups should be so mature. Like the saying goes, even a dog knows when he’s been tripped over as opposed to being deliberately kicked.


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