Colorado rustics want to create their own state made up almost entirely of white folks


Dissatisfied with how the teeming and swarthy masses in Denver are influencing the politics in their state, local officials in eight rural Colorado counties having been talking of late about seceding and creating a 51st state known as North Colorado.

This hare-brained idea has even spread to parts of two other states.

HERE‘s one take on the matter:

In 1969, Norman Mailer and Jimmy Breslin ran for mayor and City Council speaker of New York City on a platform of making the city the 51st state. The movement went nowhere.

But at least it made some sense. New York City is huge, bigger than many other states in terms of population.

What makes no sense is the current movement by 10 counties in northern Colorado and a few in Nebraska and Kansas to band together to make a new state called North Colorado. Their reasons are fairly ridiculous – they want to make a state that doesn’t regulate oil companies or guns or promote alternative energy industries.

They would be forming a state without a major city — and no, I don’t count Greeley, which is the seat of Weld County, the leader of this secession movement. It would be a state without a functioning economy and without many actual people.

The Weld County commissioners said rather grandly that their county is bigger than Delaware and Rhode Island, which is not saying much. (They’re the two smallest states.) It also has a population of 252,825, which makes it only the ninth most populous county in Colorado, which only has a handful of counties with populations of any serious size.

The other nine range from 2,379 residents to 28,159, for a grand total of 333,741. That’s like a medium-size outdoor rock festival in the Northeast. It would also make North Colorado — you guessed it — the 51st most populous state.


Another important factor in all of this is that the populations of the Colorado counties that would comprise the bulk of the new state are, on average, 94.94 white, as we see HERE.






  1. Craig Knauss

    Ah yes, the secessionist movements. We keep having characters out here in eastern Washington wanting to secede from the state. They whine that they are being abused by “the west side” liberals, etc. They conveniently forget that 82% of the state’s population lives on the west side and that a disproportionate share of the state’s revenue also comes from the west side. But that’s OK. They just want to have their little far-right utopia. Unfortunately, the morons that push this don’t check out the east side’s demographics. We have a huge Latino population here. Can’t you just see all these rednecks trying to do their state’s business in Spanish? LMAO.

  2. Steverino

    Their Governor will be known as the Imperial Wizard.

  3. Craig Knauss

    And where I live, he/she? will be called Numero Uno.

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