Here’s how satisfaction with government varies among Democrats, Republicans and independents


Gallup has the story HERE:

Democrats are more likely than Republicans to be satisfied with the work the government is doing in each of 19 different areas. The parties’ satisfaction levels diverge most on healthcare and foreign affairs, and diverge least on poverty, national parks, and transportation.

In all, at least half of Democrats are satisfied with 13 of the government functions tested in the June 20-24 poll; the exceptions are poverty, education, the nation’s finances, job creation and economic growth, labor and employment issues, and immigration policy.

In turn, a majority of Republicans are satisfied with only three government functions — natural disaster response, national parks, and transportation. Half or more of independents are satisfied with those three areas plus homeland security, military and defense, and agriculture.

Overall, Americans are most satisfied with the government’s handling of natural disasters and national parks.

The large Republican-Democratic party differences on healthcare satisfaction are likely related to the 2010 Affordable Care Act signed into law by President Barack Obama, which Democrats overwhelmingly support and Republicans overwhelmingly oppose.

Conflicting policy preferences may also be the reason why Republicans’ and Democrats’ satisfaction with respect to government handling of foreign policy and national defense differ so widely.

The areas in which there are smaller party differences are those for which both parties are generally satisfied (national parks and transportation) or generally dissatisfied (poverty).


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  1. The fact that 26% Democrats, 13% Independents and 3% of Republicans are satisfied with the nations finances should tell you how accurate this poll is. Anyone that isn’t worried about the Countries finances is either out of touch or a total idiot.

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