Here’s a big roundup of reactions to the Zimmerman verdict in the right-wing blogosphere


Nobody mocks the right-wing blogosphere with the same delicious snarkiness that the inimitable Roy Edroso brings to the task.

Edroso’s SURVEY of wingnut reactions to the jury verdict in the George Zimmerman case includes scores of links (the reading of which could take up much of your afternoon) and a few paragraphs of overview, such as these:

There has been a slew of commentary on the verdict, some of it actually thoughtful and conciliatory. Needless to say, this does not apply to that of most of our rightblogger friends, who have from the beginning considered the case a terrible injustice toward white people, and are currently pretty happy that someone got away with shooting an unarmed black kid to death.

But there’s something spoiling their happiness. No, not concern for the dead kid’s family — come on, look who we’re talking about. It’s mainly the hate and fear that made them so crazy about this case from the beginning.


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