Is this a provocative front page or what?


I could take issue with some of the elements of this front page of the New York Daily News, but I’ll leave it to readers of this blog to have first dibbies.



  1. Neftali

    This excellent summary from the left-leaning Salon is a worthy read. It explains how the media got everything wrong, and now there is even more misdirected over-reaction, as evidenced by the cover of the New York Daily News.


  2. Neftali

    blah..meant Slate…not Salon…that’s a different liberal rag.

  3. Steverino

    Today’s headline in the rrstar was not very classy. It’s the day after the Pro Am a wonderful and positive event for the Rockford community and we have to read about killings first.

  4. Robert

    Not to diminish the loss of life in the above situations, but how many decades do those 8 murders span? In the same span of time isn’t there an equal amount of White victims at the hands of Black suspects? Where’s the front page story about those? I can think of Mike Studer in Rockford to begin with. (Note to Pat, could you move my post awaiting moderation to this story. It’s more fitting here. Thanks)

  5. Neftali

    More noteworthy commentary from the left. Jimmy Carter thinks the jury made the right decision.


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