Is Reuters stifling news about climate change?


THIS isn’t good:

Former Reuters climate change reporter David Fogarty blew the whistle Monday on the global media giant’s growing hostility to reporting on the climate change crisis, including a company-wide ‘climate of fear,’ in which Fogarty was given explicit instructions—and faced bureaucratic pressures—to avoid the topic.

Fogarty became so frustrated with his prohibition from covering an issue he sees as crucial to journalism—and that he was hired to write about—that he resigned his post earlier this year.

“From very early in 2012, I was repeatedly told that climate and environment stories were no longer a top priority for Reuters and I was asked to look at other areas,” he wrote in a statement published in The Baron Monday.

Last April Fogarty had a conversation with Reuters’ deputy editor in chief at the time—Paul Ingrassia—who informed Fogarty that he is a ‘climate change skeptic.’

Fogarty soon noticed an increasingly hostile climate to covering the growing crisis.

In mid-October, Fogarty was told that the paper is shifting its coverage priorities away from climate change. Soon after, Fogarty was instructed that his “climate change role was abolished.”

At that point, Fogarty decided it was “[his] time to leave,” as he could not, in good conscience, participate in a blackout of an important issue that “touches every facet of human life and every economy.”


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