Bigots go bonkers when U.S. citizen of Hispanic descent sings “God Bless America” at All-Star game

84th MLB All-Star Game

Pop singer Marc Anthony, a New York native and American citizen of Puerto Rican descent, sang “God Bless America” (above) between halves of the seventh inning at the All-Star Baseball Game the other night.

HERE‘s a collection of vulgar, hateful tweets from idiots who objected to the choice of Anthony. (Warning: Lots of F-bombs here.)



  1. Come on pat everyone knows God is an american. Wasn’t he born in nashville?

    doc i find it interesting you are worried about what some yahoos did at the site versus a mining company mining in wi with out proper permits.

  2. Brian Opsahl

    Did anyone check to see if most of those so called qoutes came from mostly Red States or is this kind of ignorance is Nation wide…?…lol

  3. Brian Opsahl

    Sorry “quotes”….I am a terrible speller…as most of you know..!!

  4. expdoc

    thanks for making my point 2 more time Luke.

  5. Robert

    Brian, you spell fine in your brain, its the order it comes out through your finger tips that causes the misspelled words. I have the same problem sometimes. When I re-read it for grammar purposes, it often times reads back fine, because my brain reads it as I want it to read and often times glosses over the blatantly clumsy sentence structure. It isn’t until after I press the post comment button that it sticks out at me. I think it might have something to do with ADHD or some subset of that condition. That’s why we had a person at the place I used to work, whose main job was to massage what other people wrote before it became officially distributed to our customer base. None of us have it all.

    I wish there was a grammar check feature on this blog, so I could press it before I post my comment. Poofreading was never my forte.

  6. Brian Opsahl

    Yes, Robert I hate that. I catch alot of crap for my bad grammer and spelling ,but trully I don’t care about the spelling so much as the content of the words and opinions.

  7. Craig Knauss

    Would they have done this if Marco Rubio sang the Anthem?

  8. Brian Opsahl

    Or Ted Cruz….the Canadian born Senator from Texas…who republicans think will save them from Hispanics voting democrat….one problem though he’s just like the rest of them who hates Latinos they just want there vote.

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