Poll: By a huge margin, Freedom of Speech is seen as the most important of American freedoms


THIS is reassuring:

What is America’s favorite freedom?  It’s freedom of speech by a wide margin, according to the annual State of the First Amendment survey.

About 47% of those polled in the First Amendment Center survey said freedom of speech is the most important right, almost five times the number citing second-choice freedom of religion, named by 10%.

Next came freedom of choice (7%), the right to bear arms (5%), the right to vote (5%) the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (3%) and freedom of the press (1%).

The result may not be all that surprising; after all, freedom of speech is the best known of our First Amendment rights.

But it’s also a reassuring affirmation of how important speaking your mind is in a democracy.

This was the 17th annual survey on First Amendment rights, but the first time we’ve asked broadly about all rights.


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