Peggy Noonan repeats something she said two months ago, but this time calls it a “bombshell”


Poor Peggy Noonan! Her grasp of political reality is soooo weak!

No wonder her writings are so often grist for my mill (see HERE for several examples).

Now she’s taken to mindlessly repeating herself, but with increasing excitement, as we see HERE:

The Wall Street Journal op-ed page continues to be a primary source of life support for the fizzling “scandal” involving the IRS’s targeting of non-profit groups. Peggy Noonan writes in her July 19 column that a massive “bombshell” landed this week courtesy of House Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa’s latest hearing into the matter: “The IRS scandal was connected this week not just to the Washington office — that had been established — but to the office of the chief counsel.” This new, shocking information, per Noonan, is a “bombshell” because “the chief counsel of the IRS is one of only two Obama political appointees in the entire agency.”

Noonan need not have waited for Darrell Issa to drop the “bombshell” news that the IRS chief counsel’s office was linked to the targeting. She could have just re-read her own Wall Street Journal column from May 18:

….The Washington Post reported efforts to target the conservative groups reached the highest levels of the agency by May 2012–far earlier than the agency had acknowledged. Reuters reported high-level IRS officials, including its chief counsel, knew in August 2011 about the targeting.

So Noonan’s “bombshell” exploded two months ago, but she’s only now sensing the vibrations.


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  1. Steverino

    Noonan couldn’t come up with a scoop at Baskin-Robbins.

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