Ever the sniveling bigots, far-right pundits react to Obama’s race speech in predictable fashion


To no one’s great surprise, President Obama’s impromptu speech  about racial issues Friday afternoon (see HERE) aroused a chorus of negative reaction from the right-wing noise machine.

A few conservatives who can walk upright — David Brooks, for example — lauded the president’s remarks (see HERE).

But the media gurus to knuckledraggers on the far-right of the political spectrum reacted more characteristically, as we see HERE:

Fox News’ Greg Jarrett: “Is The President Reducing Racial Tension Or Stoking Racial Tension?” Fox News host Greg Jarrett responded to the remarks by speculating on whether the president was “stoking racial tension.” He later wondered, “Doesn’t the president now run the risk that he is going to provoke even more demonstrations, and let’s hope not, but potential violence?”

Sean Hannity: Did Obama Compare Himself To Trayvon Martin Because “He Did A Little Blow?” On his radio program, Sean Hannity talked about Obama’s remarks and wondered if Obama compared himself to Martin because “he smoked pot, and he did a little blow.”

Fox News’ Todd Starnes: Obama Is “Unpresidential,” “Race-Baiter In Chief” Who Is “Trying To Tear Our Country Apart.” Fox’s Todd Starnes reacted to Obama’s remarks on Twitter by calling him “unpresidential” and alleging that he “is trying to tear our country apart.” Starnes added, “I thought when you got elected president – you were president of all skin colors.”

Fox News Contributor Tammy Bruce: “I Had No Idea Obama Sucker-Punched A Watch Volunteer & Then Bashed His Head In. Who Knew?” Conservative radio host and Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce reacted twice on Twitter, claiming Obama’s remarks were intended to distract from other stories and tweeted, “So Obama ‘could have been’ Trayvon 35 yrs ago? I had no idea Obama sucker-punched a watch volunteer & then bashed his head in. Who knew?”

Fox Nation: Did Obama’s Remarks “Make The Racial Divide In Case Worse?” (See image above.)

Pamela Geller: Obama’s “Thugocracy” Is “Too Eager To Publicly Lynch Geroge [Sic] Zimmerman.” Conservative commentator Pamela Geller reacted to the president’s comments by calling him a “buffoon,” “racist,” and “eager to publicly lynch Geroge [sic] Zimmerman.” She argued that the president is guilty of “sedition.”

Breitbart.com’s Ben Shapiro: “Shorter Obama: Look At Me! America Is Racist.” Ben Shapiro, editor-at-large of Breitbart.com, argued on Twitter that Obama “helped ignite this ginned up racial melee” and said that Obama called America “racist.”

Washington Times’ Emily Miller: “Obama Is The Most Irresponsible Presidnet [Sic] In History.” The Washington Times’ Senior Opinion Editor Emily Miller reacted to the president’s remarks on Twitter.

Jim Hoft: Obama Is “Stoking A Race War.” On TheGatewayPundit.com, conservative blogger Jim Hoft said of Obama’s remarks, “Good Lord – He’s stoking a race war.”



  1. Robert

    I would like someone to explain what “No Justice No Peace” means. Please define how that statement would look acted out. The opposite of peace has many possibilities, chaos, war, conflict, violence, to name a few. Thanks in advance.

  2. Chuck Sweeny

    It sort of means “Give us Barabas.”

  3. Robert

    This is some of what I found on Wikipedia about Barabas. I’m even more perplexed now.

    “The story of Barabbas has special social significances, because it has historically been used to lay the blame for the crucifixion of Jesus on the Jews, and to justify anti-Semitism—an interpretation, known as Jewish deicide, dismissed by Pope Benedict XVI in his 2011 book Jesus of Nazareth, in which he also questions the historicity of the passage in Matthew.[6][7]”

    As far as Obama’ latest comments on the Martin/Zimmerman situation, his press conference reminded me of all the reasons I voted for him the first time. When I thought he was going to be the next FDR. His ability to see a situation from the perspectives of all sides is his gift. I think most thoughtful people heard something in his comments that touched their perspectives and fears on the issues at hand.

    On the other hand, how can Obama say to the citizens they shouldn’t profile others when the whole point of the NSA/corporate surveillance machine is to build profiles on all of us?

  4. I don’t understand what I’m missing. If George’s story is correct Travon would be alive today if he didn’t assault George. It doesn’t matter what was said or done before that.
    Is Obama saying he would have assaulted someone under the same circumstances?
    P.S. I voted for Obama.

  5. jackgalty

    I continue to be amazed at the use of demeaning name calling continuously used by liberal writers who are not young rogues that need fight baiting words rather than their knowledge of history and law as the force of their comments. Your use of phrases like “knuckle draggers” or to claim that only David Brooks may be able to “walk upright” brings nothing to the table of discussion, reflects poorly on your own handle on the issues in that discussion. To use the same level of divisive remarks as some of those whose links you used to discredit them actually shows that you are on the same level as them.

    So, perhaps it is time to actually

    1.WRITE a column that shows your personal insight rather than do a cut and past job of internet links that you believe deserving of print when such work would not even get a pass as a high school sophomore paper.
    2. Take a good look in the mirror because you are wearing snivvel under your nose–and it is time to be a big boy and use a handkerchief.

  6. Robert

    …”Now, this isn’t to say that the African American community is naïve about the fact that African American young men are disproportionately involved in the criminal justice system; that they’re disproportionately both victims and perpetrators of violence. It’s not to make excuses for that fact — although black folks do interpret the reasons for that in a historical context. They understand that some of the violence that takes place in poor black neighborhoods around the country is born out of a very violent past in this country, and that the poverty and dysfunction that we see in those communities can be traced to a very difficult history.”…


    President Obama, you noted in your response to the Trayvon verdict a lot of circumstances that exist in the Black community that cause so many to believe justice isn’t delivered equally and I won’t disagree with you, but I’m going to take this moment to use your analysis of the situation and the reasons that Black people feel the way they do to try and give and example of why many non-Black people (maybe not all will agree) have the perceptions they do. I want to also say just because I’m going to make some comments that might be considered inflammatory, that I don’t indict the entire Black race because a minority within a minority can’t seem to better themselves no matter how many programs and government dollars are provided to them. There are many more than not, fine upstanding people who happen to be Black in the various communities and industries that make up our nations successes.

    Now to get to the point, it’s the violent crime that many see coming out of the Black neighborhoods that gives many in the non Black communities their perspectives. Even Obama noted that is a big problem. People see the news and the stories of the murders and other forms of crimes that often times extend out of the Black community into areas not know for that kind of crime. Crime that is so amplified with the Black neighborhoods that most people of all colors, who don’t live in the Black neighborhoods, don’t want to see come to their neighborhoods. It’s why I’ve read so many stories about Black families who escaped the Black neighborhoods so they could raise their families without the influences that never seem to change in the Black neighborhoods. Changes Obama noted stem from our nations violent history. A history that just about every other group has overcome but the African American community.

    You noted “They (the African American community) understand that some of the violence that takes place in poor black neighborhoods around the country is born out of a very violent past in this country, and that the poverty and dysfunction that we see in those communities can be traced to a very difficult history.” Mr. President, I don’t understand why this supposed violent past continues to dog the Black community in ways that far exceed the adversity that all other people have had to climb out of? For example, the Jewish community and how they were treated in WW2 Germany, the Chinese people who were used and abused as Coolie labor to build our nations rail system and other forms of indentured labor needs, the Latino communities that work for a small pittance picking our food crops and raise strong families that gain more and more community influence with each succeeding generation, the Homosexuals who were burned in the kindling along with witches, hence how they became known as faggots which was a slang term for burning sticks, but are now being recognized for being people beyond all the stereotypes that had been projected onto them, the Southern Italians who had discrimination against them written into law even in Rockford when it came to housing but rose above that adversity that was used against them just because of where they were born, these are just some examples of groups of people who worked on changing perceptions and overcoming extreme adversity to become known as contributing members of society.

    We just elected a Black president twice. I voted for him twice. A majority of the votes Obama got were from non Black people. Martin Luther King said that people need to be seen for the content of their character, not the color of their skin. I think we as a nation do that more than not, no matter how many people in the Black leadership positions in our nation want to claim otherwise. I think many people see a professional victim status being encouraged by some of the Black leadership of this country rather than building on the successes of many Black people in our nation. For example, where does Oprah rank in the world richest status? She didn’t get there because White people hate her, quite the contrary. I ask, how much does self pity and poor self esteem play a role in this continued victim status that causes many male Black youths to act out in negative ways rather than not? How much does poor multi-generational parenting play a role in the problems within the Black neighborhoods and the surrounding communities?

    Now I’m going to cut to the chase and get right to the point I want to make. I think a majority of non-Black people are tired of being blamed for every ill in the Black community. It’s time for the leadership in the Black community to accept responsibility for the actions of their own and clean up your own neighborhoods and the perceptions that they have so deservedly acquired. Peace

  7. Yeah, Pat, take the high road like Jake! After you take care of that “snivvel” of course…

    He did a great job of forming clear, independent thoughts. No sophomoric cutting and pasting for him. Which is all the more impressive considering how hard it to type with his knuckles all skinned up.

  8. Robert

    I suspect many of you will not read this link, but it by a Black man who says a lot of what I noted above, only much better. Here’s a few excerpts:

    “Never have I been more embarrassed to be a black man than in the immediate aftermath of the George Zimmerman verdict in the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Particularly if you watched liberal news outlets like MSNBC you were treated to a parade of intelligent successful, dare I say articulate, black men and women bemoaning how awful mean old whitey has made things for them and theirs. In my opinion it cheapens all their great successes and the hard work they have put in to get where they are.”

    Some excerpts from Bill Cosby at a past NAACP meeting also noted in this link:

    “Brown or black versus the Board of Education is no longer the white person’s problem.

    We have got to take the neighborhood back.

    People used to be ashamed. Today, a woman has eight children with eight different ‘husbands’ — or men or whatever you call them now.”

    ” Black people with the capacity and the will, get the hell out of all black neighborhoods for fear of crime like my grandparents did in the 1970′s. Many black people are mortified by the behavior of some of their brothers and sisters. Not many of us have the guts to say it publicly because our honesty gives fodder to virulent bigots who use our comments to come to the wrong conclusions.”

    It’s a very articulate presentation on another ways of seeing things. Change begins at home.


  9. Robert

    And here’s a perspective form a conservative Black woman.

    “Obama has never bothered to speak about the mass scale killing of blacks by blacks in his own home, Chicago. Last year 500, mostly black, people were killed in the Windy City. So far this year the toll has already reached 200.”

    “Why was Trayvon special? Because the race baiters like Sharpton and Jackson demanded that Obama prove his “blackness” before the trial was even held.”

    “Obama implies that somehow evil white people are inflicting this violence on blacks, when it’s blacks who have turned neighborhoods into war zones and ghettos all on their own. They have done it without the help of white people.

    Young black men are killing more than young white men. That’s why they are profiled by police and feared by everyone.”


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