RNC chairman says the Republican Party is a religion

Reince Priebus speaks during 2011 Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans

How’s THIS for self-righteousness?

Talking to The Brody File on the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) yesterday, Reince Priebus [above] assured conservative Christians of every stripe that the GOP stands for God’s Own Party.

After the catastrophic failure of God’s brand in 2012, College Republicans came up with a scheme to get more votes without budging an inch on socially divisive culture war issues. As Salonput it, “Seem Tolerant.”

Priebus reassured his audience, however, that the GOP is “a party that embraces marriage,” and that he “is a chairman that understands that there’s only one sovereign God and that we ultimately aren’t dependent on what happens in politics, that what ultimately matters in our lives is that we’re salt and light in the world and that we’re honoring God in the things that we do every day.”


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