Poll shows Americans turning against Edward Snowden and favoring government snooping


HERE‘s an interesting development:

Amid reports that Edward Snowden has been granted permission to enter Russia, a poll released Wednesday found that American attitudes toward the National Security Agency leaker have shifted markedly in the last month.

The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 53 percent of Americans are in favor of criminal charges being brought against Snowden, a jump from a poll in June that found a plurality of 48 percent opposed to charging the 30-year-old former government contractor with a crime.

Moreover, the latest ABC/WaPo survey found that 57 percent of Americans believe it’s more important for the government to investigate potential terrorist threats than for it to protect privacy rights. Nearly half of Americans — 49 percent — said that Snowden’s disclosures of top secret surveillance programs harmed national security either a “great deal” or “somewhat.”



  1. Robert

    “Moreover, the latest ABC/WaPo survey found that 57 percent of Americans believe it’s more important for the government to investigate potential terrorist threats than for it to protect privacy rights.”

    But evidence supporting the effectiveness of the NSA data grab programs suggest otherwise.

    “We have not yet seen any evidence showing that the NSA’s dragnet collection of Americans’ phone records has produced any uniquely valuable intelligence. Gen. Alexander’s testimony yesterday suggested that the NSA’s bulk phone records collection program helped thwart ‘dozens’ of terrorist attacks, but all of the plots that he mentioned appear to have been identified using other collection methods. The public deserves a clear explanation.”

    Keep the people scared and in a constant state of fear, panic and prejudice and you can lead them wherever you want to take them. Gee, where did we learn that bit of wisdom about human nature? (hint – The Nazi propaganda machine)

    It doesn’t matter the NSA data grab is going to continue and the American people are going to enable all the way into personal body cavities. Because we’re so scared of those big bad terrorists that this system hasn’t been effective in stopping not even one incident.


  2. Craig Knauss

    Per Roberts’ third paragraph, if data mining is so ineffective at producing usable data on “targeted” individuals, just how effective is it on producing usable data for those of us the NSA doesn’t care about? Answer: It isn’t. It’s just like grains of sand in the desert. Meaningless piles.

    “Keep the people scared and in a constant state of fear, panic and prejudice and you can lead them wherever you want to take them. Gee, where did we learn that bit of wisdom about human nature?” (hint – Fox News and the Tea Party)

  3. Robert

    So if its meaningless piles, then why are you enabling the billions of dollars that is being thrown at this program and the vendors getting rich off it?

  4. Craig Knauss

    It’s meaningless piles to those who don’t know where and how to look.

    There could be a 5 caret diamond in that sand. But unless you know where to look, what good is it?

    There’s a huge amount of data on the Internet. But unless you know where to look, what good is it?

  5. Robert

    That ‘s what informants are for. They troll on these kinds of boards all the time, sometimes as lurkers and sometimes as participants. Plus there’s the key word search but sometimes people say things with key words just to f up the programs and give false positives… at some point law enforcement will have access to the NSA base to see all the information on the people they arrest.. and people like Anthony Weiner won’t need some cyber sex date to rat on him.. all you will have to do is be somebody that is a public figure and you’ll be watched like a hawk, especially as partisanship shows itself within the ranks of the people managing our personal data files… I can just hear Karl Rove calling up someone on the inside and making them an offer they can’t resist…. info is power and money… Just think if you are offered some top level position in some field and you have to go through a background check. All your post will give your bias away… better hope the person hiring agrees with your politics…

    But getting back to original response, don’t you think they know where to look? If they don’t know where to look they sure are building an elaborate system to house meaningless piles of data…

    Just wait till our entire life is sent through those systems… we won’t have any secrets.. but I bet the NSA will want everything about them to be a secret.

    The abuse of that kind of information is going to give people a whole new meaning to the term my life was turned upside down… just wait till our entire existence depends on the NSA systems validating everything we want to do… talk about big brother… everything we keep in our wallets will at some point in the future be in our cell phone.. from our money to Drivers license to family pictures, credit cards… our whole identity will be in that system and just wait till the system goes down… better hope they have multiple redundantcy’s built into their “IYND” system.. that stands for I’m Your New Daddy” system..

    PS – was reading about a new application where people can download a program that will tell them where all their friends are located any time of the day/nite… Ibet the Nazi’s would have liked that kind of ability when they rounded up all their enemies…

  6. Robert

    I know most won’t take the time to read this link but its a good indicator of the future we’re moving toward…


  7. Robert

    Back at ya…
    “By a 47 percent to 35 percent margin, most respondents to the poll said that their bigger concern about United States anti-terrorism policies is that they go too far in restricting civil liberties, rather than not going far enough to protect the country. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Wednesday likewise found that, by a 56 percent to 36 percent margin, more Americans are worried about government surveillance efforts going too far in invading the privacy of Americans rather than not going far enough in monitoring potential terrorists.”

    When people realize just how this data will be used and that its not about stopping terrorists, its about knowing everything they can about you so they can sell it to corporations for marketing purposes, use it to shut you up or down if you’re not friendly to the corporate masters that own our congress, or as a way of stopping anybody from organizing or at least keeping tabs on organizations, especially grass roots movements to name a few uses. We’ve all seen how even minor petty little things we say in a workplace can be blown into something its not. Wait till you have a public moment and your life is thrown back at you and in a way that might not be so flattering.

    We’re losing our democracy folks. Think real hard about what you’re giving up. Do you really want the government and the corporations that owns our government to know everything about you? Does the 4th amendment mean anything anymore? If not, lets do away with it through the legal process.

    PS – I heard Nate Silver talking about mega data and its usefulness in what he does. I’d like to hear his take on this NSA mega data collection and how he sees it being used, both the good and the bad of it. As Senator Wyden noted, there’s not one traceable occurrence to back up this NSA data collection thwarted any terrorist events. If anything, this NSA program says we’re all considered terrorists or pockets and minds to be picked by some corporation who can make money off of us and our data. How about we get paid for providing all this useful information? At least we could reap some financial benefit, like the corporations will, that use our data to make money off of us.


  8. Robert

    Think about what your favoring before you answer polls. Your entire life will be on line and it may be used against you sometime in the future. Watch this short video to get an idea of what your enabling because you’re being told its all about catching terrorists. It’s not. It ‘s about knowing everything they can about you. Who knows all the ways that information can and will be used ? The potential ways are endless.

    Read the comments on this youtube video after you’ve watched it. Especially the one about what a potential employer may not like about you…


  9. Robert

    “Lawmakers Who Upheld NSA Phone Spying Received Double the Defense Industry Cash”

    Look how many are Democrats.

    The recent House of Representative vote on the continued enabling of the NSA programs, shows just how much representative government of, for and by the people no longer exists. The Democratic party is no more the peoples party than the Republican party is.

    These people in Washington (of which many are Democrats on this list) are deeply indebted to the Military defense contractors, as evidenced by the way they voted last week to keep the NSA programs alive and well. Note how deeply the once worker/union friendly Democrats are now in bed with the defense corporations whose money they seek for their elections. We elect these people to do the work of the people and do good for our nation and to uphold the constitution that we hear so much about. They error on behalf of their biggest donors.

    As the growing disparities between the rich and the poor continue to diverge, the biggest threat to the big monied interest is going to come from the people who have the least. These NSA programs are about watching all of us and to ensure anybody who doesn’t hold the correct thoughts and are able to rally the masses are silenced and made powerless. Information is power, not to mention big money these days.


  10. Robert

    Look how easily our elected reps are selling out the American people and the constitutional right to privacy for campaign dollars, so they can be re-elected to sell us out some more.

    What constitutional right will they sell out next? Are the American people going to remember this when they vote in the 2014 elections? Probably not. Most voters will fall for the old “we got get those terrorists who hate us for our freedoms” and never see those freedoms evaporating before their very eyes”.


  11. Robert

    In the past I noted how a former Ma Bell employee told me about a time back in the 80s, when the graveyard shift employees would tap into late night calls and play them over the loud speaker. Apparently they knew that many calls at that time of the night were usually lovers having phone sex and even knew which phone #s had the best content. You going to tell me that same kind of non FISA court approved activity isn’t going to happen with this NSA data. Am I supposed to believe people like Senator Chambliss really believe that abuse won’t occur? This is what he said …

    It wouldn’t just surprise me, it would shock me,” Chambliss said.

    “What I have been assured of is there is no capability … for anyone without a court order to listen to any telephone conversation or to monitor any email,” Chambliss added, noting he visited the NSA headquarters last week and spent time with both high- and low-level officials.

    Really Sen. Chambliss? If this kind of invasion of privacy happened in the 80s just because it was possible and easy to access such data, its certainly going to happen with even more choices to tap into in the 21st century.

    If Sen. Chambliss is this naive, how the heck did he get to be a Senator? Am I supposed to believe some 70 year old man who knows practically nothing about the new computer age knows this won’t happen for certain, when we have 20 and 30 somethings running the NSA programs because they’re the generations with the skills for such things. We need some young blood in the Senate. Young people who know the capabilities of such technologies.

    Just remember people. Internet providers are now offering video access of your home while your away and even when you’re at home as a form of security services. That data is transmitted over the internet and is captured in the NSA data grab just like everything else is. Do you really want government snoops to have the ability to look inside your home? Think about what your giving up. These home surveillance systems are supposed to be able to be turned off when your home? Oh really? And how easy will it be to override that off switch from a remote location with all that we know hackers are capable of.

    Why isn’t there more outrage about this severe invasion of privacy and all being done under the phony ruse of catching terrorist, that even Senator Wyden has recently stated, there is no credible evidence this NSA snooping has thwarted any terrorist activities.

    Wise up people.


  12. “James Clapper, Director Of National Intelligence Who Misled Congress, To Lead Surveillance Review Group”

    This is the real Obama showing. The one who errors on the side of Big Brother, but don’t you worry, it’s all about keeping the American people safe.

    By the way, I was at the local gas station yesterday. I’ve traded there for years. I was talking the to clerk about their ceiling cams and said to her, I predict in the next 10 years, the NSA is going to offer you money to connect your cams to their system of data collection. She said, what makes you think they haven’t already?

    It was always said the republicans wanted to be in everybody’s bedrooms to be sure people were acting in the proper way. The democrats want to be just as much as the republicans. Like I’ve said, the NSA and its corporate buds building all those toys with cams and audio collection devices will soon be in every room of your house. We’re all soon going to be reality stars. I wonder if the next big business model will be acting schools for the masses or invisible cloaks so you can walk around naked in your house and not have those images collected? This is going to change how we act not only in public but in the privacy of our homes. But if you got nothing to hide, what do you care…. right?


  13. In other post I related a story I was told by a former Bell Telephone employee I knew. He noted how the graveyard shift at the old switching rooms would tap into late night phone calls and then put over the loudspeaker the live calls of late nite callers having phone sex with whoever was on the other end of the phone. They seemed to know who the most active callers were for that sort of thing so they were probably listening in on many calls to see who was the best for their interest.

    Well, the NSA contractors were caught doing the same thing. Sure, they got caught but do you think its not going to continue? All getting caught does is show the next perpetrators how not to get caught. (Notice how they said it was foreign calls, yeah right.)

    But, what the heck, if you’re not doing anything wrong your life’s an open book, right?

    Of course I’m being conspiritorial, paranoid, stupid, weird and all the other names the proprietor of this blog has called me, but like I’ve said, he’s here to bring you along. Shoot the messenger is his style.


  14. Funny how I make logical conclusions and all you can do is come back with the conspiracy label. Answer me, why would he gas his own people then invite in the UN to inspect. Everything I’ve said was logical except you sheep just want to jump on the bandwagon of conspiracy theory to discredit me. Nothing I’ve said was based in anything that hasn’t been done before. We’re lied to all the time. Amazes me how easy it is to bring the people along. You’re just afraid to think out of the mainstream because you don’t want to be labeled. I wear it proudly… and you know what, I think OJ did it too…Bbaaahhhhh

  15. Why on earth are German and Brazil officials upset that the USA is spying on them? If they have nothing to hide from their American friend, why should they care? Isn’t that what many of the people on both the right and the left say when they approve of the NSA spying on all of us.

    Why should the leaders and governments of other countries care if we spy on them with our advanced spying network?

    Don’t they realize its for their own good and just how many terrorist attacks the NSA has stopped. The NSA claims its over 50. Of course they can’t substantiate any of them and there was recent news article on that very subject, but still the sheep feel safer knowing that their govt knows more about them than the sheep do about our govt and the supposed concept of the right to privacy.

    The American sheeple still keep believing this is all about keeping them/us safe from those big bad terrorist boogymen/women. But the NSA can’t explain how the most recent terrorist attack on American soil, the Boston Bombers, got by their system? Even though the Russian’s had warned our intelligence agencies about them. The American people as a whole will still think giving up their privacy for the illusion of security is the way to go.

    Hello 1984 in 2014 and wise up Germany and Brazil and all the other countries that the NSA is spying on. Don’t you know that if you got nothing to hide from the USA, you shouldn’t care and you should be grateful that the USA/NSA is looking out for your safety. Really. It’s about your own safety. Why can’t you understand that?

    Just wait till everything is passed through the “cloud” aka the NSA bldg in Utah and several others around our nation. Isn’t it calming knowing that our government wants to know so much about us, just like a good lover ( or jealous lover).

    Everybody wants to be loved, right? This is just the American government showing the world how much they love everybody and are looking out for their/our safety. Really, it’s all about love. Why are the leaders of Germany and Brazil so upset about this. Why can’t they understand its for their own good and safety that the USA/NSA does this and because the USA/NSA loves them.



  16. thehereandnow1

    If this was back during the Bush years Pat would be on here saying that Snowden was a hero, and his information should be used to impeach Bush and throw him in jail. But since Saint Barrack the Blameless is warming the seat Snowden’s the criminal.

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