Not all (fill in the blank) are (fill in the blank), but all (fill in the blank) are (fill in the blank)


Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.

Not all teachers are good parents, but all good parents are teachers.

Not all right-wingers are white racists, but all white racists are right-wingers.

Not all whole numbers are natural numbers, but all natural numbers are whole numbers.

All puns are jokes, but not all jokes are puns.

Not all homicides are murders, but all murders are homicides.

Not all idiots are right-wing extremists, but all right-wing extremists are idiots.

Not all opinions are judgments but all judgments are opinions.

All squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares.

Not all actors are celebrities, but all celebrities are actors.

Not all narratives are living theories, but all living theories are narratives.

Not all botanicals are herbal but all herbs are botanical.

Not all curators are journalists, but all successful journalists are curators.

Not all differences are disabilities, but all disabilities are differences.

All ladies are women, but not all women are ladies.

Not all men are gentlemen, but all gentlemen are men.

All contracts are agreements, but not all agreements are contracts.

Not all heterosexuals are homophobes, and not all homophobes are heterosexuals.

Not all liars are psychopaths, but all psychopaths are liars.



  1. Neftali

    ” all white racists are right-wingers”

    I know for a fact that is false.

  2. Craig Knauss

    Nef says, “I know for a fact that [all white racists are right-wingers] is false.”

    Since you know “for a fact” that it is false, you can therefore give us an example proving your point. So let’s see it. (Keep in mind that it says ” ‘white’ racists”.)

  3. Neftali

    Craig – You are either blind, incredibly stupid, or the most naive person in the country if you actually believe that asinine quote. I’ve met white left wing racists. They’re out there.

    If the saying went most white racists are right wingers, I would reluctantly agree. But it doesn’t. It says ALL. Wake up.

  4. 2 words Craig, George Wallace.
    P.S. I’m a moderate liberal.

  5. Craig Knauss


    I’m still waiting for some examples that support your statement. So far, the only one who is “blind, incredibly stupid, or the most naive person in the country…” is you.


    George Wallace wasn’t a liberal. He was a Dixie-crat, just like Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond were. They all turned Republicans in the 1960s to protest the Civil Rights Act, but they were never liberals.

  6. Craig: You’re right, of course, about George Wallace.

    He was as right-wing as they come, as were most, but not all, of the Southern Democrats of his generation. To suggest that he was anything but a far-rightist is foolish.

  7. Neftali

    Craig – Let’s look at it from a couple of different angles. Left vs. Ring wing has different interpretations depending on who you are talking to. For example, for some people, the only thing that matters is abortion. Everything else is immaterial. You have pro-life right wingers, and you have pro-choice left wingers. Again, for some people, that’s the only issue that matters. If you are pro-choice, you are left-wing, and either hated or loved depending on the individual making the assessment. Obviously, the world is not so easily defined. There are some pro-life Democrats, and there are some pro-choice Republicans (like yours truly.)

    For most people, we divide left vs. right wing on how we perceive the role and responsibility of government. Left wingers want to see more government services to help better society, right wingers want a more limited government with more individual accountability and responsibility.

    So you mean to tell me that every single person out there who happens to have white pigmentation in their skin that perceives government from a more left leaning point of view is not a racist? And that the only people who are white racists are people that believe in a more limited government with more responsibility? To that I say BULL.

    In this case my insults are well justified.

    Further, there is a growing awakening in the black community that it’s really White Liberals that are the most racist. Dr. Carson gave the most public example, but he’s hardly the only one. Many others share his thoughts. I encourage you to check out the writings of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives, the Black Tea Patriots, Hip Hop Republican, David Webb, American Conservatives of Color, and Project 21 and get their opinion on the whole matter.


  8. Craig Knauss


    Per your 3rd paragraph, we’re still waiting for you to provide some proof. You stated, “I know for a fact blah, blah, blah.” You may be correct, but you have not even come close to providing any proof to support your “fact”. So where is it?

    However, your tap dancing is great!

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