Tragic news: Rep. Paul Ryan suffering from acute amnesia!


Rep. Paul Ryan, the (erswhile?) Janesville Genius, said this the other day:

“It’s about time we cut some spending around here.”

In another place and another time, a remark like that might be considered appropriate, even wise. In July of 2013, however, it’s evidence of something terribly wrong with Ryan’s thought processes.

Steve Benen EXPLAINS:

Here’s the problem: Ryan’s inability to remember the recent past is becoming a cause for concern. In 2011, Congress and the White House agreed to a deficit reduction package that cut government spending by roughly $1.5 trillion. That’s “trillion” with a “t.” Then Washington cut spending even more with the ridiculous sequestration cuts that hurt the country on purpose.

It’s one of the reasons government spending has stalled during the Obama era and the deficit is shrinking at its fastest pace since World War II.

If the typical American doesn’t remember this, that’s a shame. When the chairman of the House Budget Committee — a guy the Beltway perceives as a numbers wonk — doesn’t remember this, it’s far more discouraging.

Indeed, this is a reminder of my ongoing thesis: Paul Ryan has the worst memory in American politics.

Ryan doesn’t remember that he used to refer to his own plan to end Medicare as “vouchers.”

Ryan doesn’t remember taking credit for the sequestration policy he later condemned.

Ryan doesn’t remember learning about Democratic alternatives to the sequester.

Ryan doesn’t remember what happened with the 2011 “super committee.”

Ryan doesn’t remember Bill Clinton’s tax increases.

Ryan doesn’t remember the times he condemned social-insurance programs as “taker” programs.

Ryan doesn’t remember all of the times he appealed to the Obama administration for stimulus funds for his congressional district.

Ryan doesn’t remember his marathon times.

Ryan doesn’t remember how much he was inspired by Ayn Rand.

Ryan doesn’t remember his own speeches.

As we’ve discussed, everyone can be forgetful once in a while, but the Republican Budget Committee chairman seems to forget rather important details and developments so often, it’s unsettling.



  1. Neftali

    Q: What do you call $1.5 Trillion in government spending cuts?

    A: A good start

  2. matria gutierrez

    I think he is not having an acute amnesia but he was blinded with his ideology during those times that he was stuck with his belief that medicare should be turned into voucher and the budget deficit he continuously pursuing without even exact data. His budget plan will not really work especially with the cuts that will hurt the economy later on. Sometimes
    politicians are not brave enough to accept their faults and shortcomings and probably ashamed of their critique.

  3. Steverino

    Wrong answer Nef it’s B: Massive unemployment

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