Poll: Most young voters think climate-change deniers are ignorant or crazy


THIS should come as no surprise:

A new poll has found climate science denialism in Congress is quickly losing favor among young voters, both Republican and Democrat. The poll, conducted by Democratic and Republican firms for the League of Conservation Voters, found 73 percent of respondents associate climate change deniers with words like “ignorant,” “out-of-touch” or “crazy.”

The firms conducted telephone interviews with 600 registered voters, aged 18 to 34, asking a series of questions on climate change and how it’s portrayed in Congress. They found 66 percent of respondents acknowledged climate change as a problem that needed to be addressed, and that a full 80 percent supported President Obama’s recently-announced plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Congressional Republicans, however, take issue with announced regulations of existing coal-fired power plants. But the LCV poll provides more evidence that Americans support taking action on climate change, even if some members of Congress don’t — a recent bipartisan poll from NRDC found 61 percent of Americans backed Obama’s plan, and a survey from April also found the Republican party was “out of touch” with voters in the issue of climate change.



  1. Robert

    “Most young voters think climate-change deniers are ignorant or crazy”

    I wonder why these very same young voters can’t see how crazy it is to get tattoo’s all over their bodies as well as the piercings and large buttons I see in ear lobes. What’s next, salad sized plates in lips, neck rings that extend the length of the neck and bones through noses and deep cuts in foreheads? For what? A sense of individuality? Every generation has its fads, but past fads have mostly been choices that you can cut off like long hair or put away in a closet for nostalgia purposes at a later date.

    These tattoos are forever unless you can afford the current prices of $50 a square inch to remove it and then that area will have pigment problems that will last the remainder of their lives.

    I see what multiple colored tats on the entire arms and legs or backs and even faces. And I’m not talking one or two people. I’d say 75% or more of the young people I see have a visible tat. When I see them I get no sense of uniqueness from them as so many people have them now, that the fad has lost whatever standout value it may have had in the beginning. Apparently they don’t realize as they age their decisions in their youth are going to make them look like a wrinkled up Sunday comic section of a newspaper in their old age. Getting old is difficult enough and then to have some decisions you made in your youth be staring back at you in an unrecognizable image from what it was when their skin was young and resilient.

    How can young people be so clear in their observations about climate change and its short and long term impact on the world but not see that their choices about body altering adornments are just as permanent and life altering? Do they have less of a sense of a future than previous generations?

    One other thing I don’t understand is this desire to be hairless as if a return to pre-puberty years is now the in thing.

    Where did these fads gets get their origins? I’m just curious who in the celebrity world made tats and piercing and hairless bodies the in thing? Seriously. I’d like to see some young people respond with how their tats are so unique and will be something they will treasure the rest of their lives even when its unrecognizable as the skin wrinkles and sags.

    PS – believe me, I had my fun with fads even into my 30s. I understand youthful exhuberance in self expression, but when everybody’s doing it just how much individuality is being expressed?

  2. Leslie Graham

    I’m fortunate enough to travel to many different countries and among the vast majority of people I meet the reaction to these ignorati in the GOP is one of utter disbelief at their stupidity.
    The recent phenomenom of climate change denial is pretty much restricted to the USA and the English speaking countries for some reason. In Hong Kong for example it is unheard of. Any ordinary citizen ignoring basic long established schoolboy science in this manner would be considered quite mad – let alone someone in Government voicing it. They would be kicked out of office at the first opportunity.
    Just madness. Pure ignorance. It is clearly going to be a huge vote loser in the US now that climate change is simply obvious and might even spell the end of the GOP as a viable opposition.
    Political suicide – and deservedly so.

  3. Steverino

    Robert – Not all young people are into tattoo’s. The science and engineering students still wear white socks and use pocket protectors for their shirts which are buttoned to the neck.

  4. Lynn D.

    @Robert – what does this article have to do with individuality, self-expression and tattoos? Not much. Climate change is a real thing, much more urgent to youth than wondering whether they will like their tattoos in 20 years. You’ve clearly missed the point. In case you hadn’t noticed, the world is heating, oceans are acidifying, drought & fires are becoming more common and the world youth are left with will likely drastically change within their lifetimes. Of course we care! And of course anyone who denies that this is a problem is ignorant and crazy. Climate change is not a fad, it’s happening and youth are realizing that we’re going to have to deal with it. Thanks for sharing your ignorance though.

  5. Lynn D. says: “..the world youth are left with will likely drastically change within their lifetimes.”

    As opposed to us old guys who’s lives have never changed. We are all living in the exact same world as our great grandparents, so I can understand how youth would be alarmed.

    Oh wait, I just remembered, I don’t live in the same world as my grand parents. The world has changed dramatically withing my lifetime. As matter of fact, the world has always changed within our lifetimes. I forgot. Sorry about that.

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