The Detroit you don’t see on TV

It ain’t all bad, folks.




  1. expdoc

    Wow, doesn’t look like a hopelessly mismanaged and bankrupt major city at all.

  2. Robert

    As a former resident of Rockford, I notice all the decay my hometown has experienced probably more so than current residents who see it daily and grow accustomed to the new despair that has taken it over. I think Rockford and Detroit have a lot in common, high violent crime rates, ranked in the top 10 of the most miserable places in the USA (even Detroit didn’t make that list), has one of the top 10 high crime neighborhoods in the country, struggling business districts in the city’s core districts that exemplify urban rot in the most visual of senses (especially Broadway between Kishwaukie and 20th St., did I mention high violent crime rates, an overall unsafe feeling in 3/4 of the city’s neighborhoods and the last 1/4 now being impacted too, loss of industry and good paying jobs and an inability to attract new business models probably because of the high crime rates, not to mention high property taxes with dwindling city services in return, high sales tax, lousy schools do to bad parenting more so than bad teachers, streets full of pot holes that damage front ends and braking systems (had to get new brakes when I got home because of all the potholes making something in the breaking system go out of round), and low property values for all the reasons I noted Rockford and Detroit have a lot in common. Rockford used to be such a wholesome place. I’m sure Detroit was too.


  3. Steverino

    At least the Tigers are playing well.

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