Fox News spent much of the past month peddling falsehoods about effects of the minimum wage


The story is HERE:

Throughout the month of July, a majority of Fox News segments discussing minimum wage policy pushed the myth that increasing the minimum wage forces businesses to cut jobs. In fact, multiple economic studies confirm that raising the minimum wage has no effect on employment.



  1. It would seem these studies have been focused on previous, relatively small increases in the minimum wage.

    I suspect the Fox stories were about the recent kerfuffle over “living wage” at various fast food restaurants. Those protesters are asking for a doubling of the minimum wage.

    Quite a different scenario.

  2. Brian Opsahl

    The reason I don’t buy Papa john’s pizza is because of the comment from the owner that the new ACA law will cause him to add 14 cents to a large pizza. That’s sad when rich boy owner doesn’t realize how much just 14 cents can mean to the bottom half Americans depending on affordable health care premiums.

    Plus most of his customer base comes from that group.

    The other reason I don’t buy his product is it gives me the screaming willy s…:(

    Why is it so hard to let the bottom wage at least keep up with inflation…? The economy works best when more people have money to spend…that drives need and need drives jobs…it’s worked that way for a long time and Americans prospered for many years because of it.

  3. How much do you think the pizza would cost if he paid his employees 15 dollars an hour?

  4. Steverino

    Fast food restaurants and big box stores are the factories of today. There is nothing else and employers should start paying a decent wage that doesn’t require someone to rely on public assistance.

  5. Brian Opsahl

    that’s not what he said …doc. 14 cents is a world away from 15 bucks an hour…keep it real…?

  6. Neftali

    14 cents times Lord knows how millions of pizzas Papa John’s sells every year has to be a substantial amount, probably easily enough to affect the bottom line, which in turn spooks investors which in turn affects the stock price which in turn causes millions of share holders to lose money on their retirement savings.

    15 dollars an hour is what all the fast food protestors want for a “living wage.”

  7. Brian,

    As noted by Neftali, 15 dollars an hour is what the recent protests are calling for. I hope you head on out to the picket line to tell them to get real.

  8. Steverino

    Papa J’s been banking off slave labor for years. Put some hot crap in a box and pay some driver next to nothing then hope he gets a tip to cover his gas.

  9. Neftali

    Steverino – Pizza Hut, Pappa Murphy’s, Domino’s, Little Caeser’s, California Pizza Kitchen, CiCi’s Pizza, Chuck E. Cheese, and about a thousand other companies all operate under the same model.

    And believe it or not, there are millions of people out there that decide what to eat depending on who offer’s it the cheapest. It’s called competition. Capitalism. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. It’s what operates and drives our country and what makes it so great.

    No ‘scuse me while I order some Pizza from Altamore’s…or possibly Lino’s, or Pino’s, or perhaps just go to Carlye Brewery….still deciding…(I can’t stand pizza from chain places, not because of the model, but because the product itself sucks)

  10. I actually waited tables at Pizza Hut in Madison for 2 summers. I didn’t like the brown polyster uniform and the stupid hat so much, but it was a great way to earn college money.

  11. Steverino

    How inspiring to hear of your summer job in the food industry Doc. Unfortunately many students are working similar shifts after completing their degrees.

  12. Tthetrout

    Doc: At fifteen dollars an hour, the cost of the pizza would depend on two things:
    1. How much the public would be willing to pay for the same product and/or
    2. How much of the bottom line the producer would be willing to give up
    3. If both contributed perhaps sales for the product would actually increase.

  13. Neftali

    There’s a good reason why every single pizza joint in the country (and there has to be tens of thousands of them) does not pay their employees $15/hr. You. can. not. make. any. money. End of story.

    Tthetrout – I highly encourage you to start up your own pizza place and give it a try. Good luck.

  14. Stevo,

    Strange that you are inspired by a story about a brown polyester uniform.

    Any opinions about why students with a college degree are working at Pizza Hut? Any data to back that up?

  15. Tthetrout,

    Thanks for the 6th grade economics refresher. Given that the job of making pizza can be competently performed by a 6th grader it seems appropriate.

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