Gay boycott of Russian vodka puts Religious Right in a bind


Earlier today, I told you HERE about how some American conservatives are quite supportive of Russia’s anti-gay policies.

But now, as we see HERE, the gay community is pushing for a boycott of Russian vodka (see image above).

So, how can the Religious Right deal with this development?

Ordinarily, religious homophobes counteract gay boycotts with flurries of patronage of the companies that have been targeted. Take Chick-fil-A, for example.

But it seems doubtful that the anti-gay religionists will now rush out to buy Russian vodka just to spite the homosexuals.  I mean, we’re talking about strong drink here, folks.

What to do, what to do.



  1. Even someone from the Cosby TV family has come out. It seems all families got LGBT family members. Good thing she doesn’t live in Russia.


  2. Craig Knauss


    Don’t forget Dick Cheney’s daughter. And Phyllis Schlafly’s son.

    What’s the world coming too?

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