House Republicans keep defunding organization that doesn’t exist


In an effort to ingratiate itself with low-information loonies (i.e. Fox News viewers), the GOP resorts to stuff like THIS:

When House GOP leaders abruptly shelved a bill to fund standard federal transportation and housing programs last Wednesday, one of the legislation’s few uncontroversial provisions was a section banning funds for the anti-poverty group ACORN. Had Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) been able to pass the bill, it would have marked the 13th time that Republicans have voted to block federal funding for ACORN since the GOP took over the lower chamber in 2011.

Oddly, however, ACORN, or the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, does not exist. And it did not exist at any time when the House GOP has held a vote on ACORN’s access to government monies — the group disbanded in the spring of 2010.

Just why, exactly, the House GOP keeps voting to ban funding for an organization that was extinguished more than three years ago remains something of a mystery, and the subject of Democratic ridicule.

“Word is the majority will also prohibit foreign aid to the Ottoman Empire this year,” a Democratic congressional aide snarked to HuffPost. (Like ACORN, the Ottoman Empire does not exist.)

“Thirteen votes to defund a program that no longer exists. Forty votes to repeal a health care law that is transforming millions of lives,” said Drew Hammill, a spokesman for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), comparing the anti-ACORN legislation to the House GOP’s routine votes to repeal Obamacare. “If their agenda is to do nothing on a timeline of never, they’re setting a record pace.”




  1. Steverino

    I guess we can’t expect the GOP to work on a job’s bill or something that would actually help our country. Boehner should be summarily removed from public service.

  2. Craig Knauss


    I think you mean Boehner should be removed from public “office”. Service implies that he’s doing something useful.

  3. Jeremiah

    You mention the low information viewers if Fox News, but
    ironically, it is either you that lacks information, or you are trying
    To pull the wool over people’s eyes.

    Why did you not mention in your piece that ACORN merely decentralized
    Power and changed names… Yes, they kept the same employees and
    Even the same tax id #s.

    Just figured it made sense to tell the full truth.

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