Do Ted Cruz’s roots in a socialist society make him a RINO (Republican In Name Only)?


In THIS SHORT PIECE about the Republican Party’s rigid right-wing orthodoxy, Andrew Rosenthal sees trouble for a potential candidate for the GOP presidential nomination:

In another sign of the intense pressure on Republicans to prove their bona fides, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas on Sunday released evidence indicating that he is really and truly American. I mean he gave the Dallas Morning News his birth certificate proving that he is a “natural born American” — and therefore eligible to run for president. Mr. Cruz was born in Canada (not quite Kenya, but definitely not the U.S. of A.). But his mother was an American citizen, meaning he never had to go through a naturalization exercise.

How bizarre that Mr. Cruz felt he had to do this. Of course, the way the Republicans are going, by 2016 merely having lived in the socialist haven north of this country will probably be enough to knock him out of contention.



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  1. Steverino

    Was that the long or short form he provided to the Dallas Morning News? What about the birth announcement in the Canadian newspaper?

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