Surprise! Juvenile violence is much less common than you think!


I had already decided to post THIS PROVOCATIVE PIECE by Christina Hoff Sommers about how schools have become hostile to boys when the following paragraph prompted me to change the focus of my headline:

Zero tolerance was originally conceived as a way of ridding schools of violent predators, especially in the wake of horrific shootings in places like Littleton, Colo. But juvenile violence, including violence at schools, is at a historic low. The Bureau of Justice Statistics reports that in 2011, approximately 1% of students ages 12 to 18 reported a violent victimization at school. For serious violence, the figure is one-tenth of 1%. It does no disrespect to the victims of Columbine or Sandy Hook to note that while violence may be built into the core of a small coterie of sociopathic boys, most boys are not sociopathic.




  1. I’ve heard and read that many of these boys who have gone on these shooting rampages, were on these new SSRI anti-depressants, but because of the business relationships between news orgs and the ad dollars they get from big pharma, that aspect is never brought up for fear affecting their profits on both sides.

  2. If it is never brought up then how did you hear about it?

  3. I wonder why Pat didn’t make this point when the left was screaming for more gun control laws after the Sandy Hook?

  4. doc: Are you serious? Juveniles had nothing to do with Sandy Hook. Gun control is largely aimed at curbing juvenile violence. It’s aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of unqualified people, regardless of age, and at curbing the traffic in assault weapons. But you didn’t know that, did you? I’m guessing that the only thing you know about gun control is what you hear from loonies like Ron Johnson and other peddlers of distorted interpretations of the Second Amendment.

  5. Pat,

    Your response doesn’t really make sense. The perpetrator at Sandy Hook was essentially a juvenille and so were his victims.

    You rarely tell me things I don’t know, certainly not in this case.

  6. doc: The shooter at Sandy Hook was 20 years old, not a juvenile. But Sandy Hook is irrelevant to this discussion anyway. The shooter’s guns were purchased legally. Not every shooting tragedy can be avoided by means of gun control. But many of them can.

    The greatest obstacle to common-sense gun control are the paranoid conspiratorialists, the would-be insurrectionists and the weird guys who see such measures as emasculating.

    I personally know a few fetishists who would come unglued without their guns.

  7. And then there’s story’s like this that some people, like the victims parents, family members and girlfriend would say isn’t their reality.


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