Americans not too keen on Obama, even less so on Dem lawmakers and far less so on GOP lawmakers


Political analyst Charlie Cook ASSESSES THE SITUATION:

The truth is that the public has a poor opinion of Democrats, and a horrible impression of Republicans on Capitol Hill. Which side goes into a card game with a weaker hand—one with approvals of between 32 and 36 percent with disapprovals of between 55 and 61 percent, or the one with approvals of between 22 and 26 percent and disapprovals that range from 66 to 69 percent?

Let’s factor in the other player in this game, President Obama. Obama’s job-approval ratings have been in a very gradual decline since February, losing roughly a point every three weeks. No, it’s not Benghazi, the IRS, or domestic surveillance, it’s just the slow leak that has become pretty standard for second-term presidents—call it “Lame-Duck Fatigue.” In a second term, on most subjects and most days, the mute button has been hit for the president. But even that being the case, Obama’s current Gallup job-approval rating is 46 percent, with a 51 percent disapproval (a net of minus 5 points). Fox News polling from early this month puts Obama’s approval rating at 42 percent with a disapproval of 52 percent (net of minus 10 points). The July Pew Research poll put Obama’s approval and disapproval ratings at 46 percent, while CBS put him a little better with 48 approve/45 percent disapprove (a net positive of 3 points).

While Obama’s numbers are hardly impressive, they are still much better than those for congressional Democrats, and they aren’t even in the same time zone as the bleak numbers for Republicans in Congress. This being the case, who goes into this fight with the least credibility? The answer is Republicans in Congress.



  1. The answer is simple. Americans are racists.

  2. Brian Opsahl

    It’s even simpler for some…republicans block everything…even things they we’re for before but if Mr.Obama is for it they are against it..now….what a way to run congress..10% approvel ratings..hhhmmm…?

  3. doc: I sense that you’re trying to make some stupid point. Explain yourself.

    No, wait! Let me guess. You’re scoffing at the notion that there’s any racism among Obamaphobes, right?

    Yeah, that must be it. Those Tea Party folks with their racist (and often misspelled) signs are really liberals trying to make a noble movement look bad.

  4. It is a simple statement, that you would whole-heatedly agree with if it was uttered by one of your lefty heroes.

    You disappoint me.

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