Poll shows that white male geezers love the ’50s more than any other 20th century decade


Kevin Drum COMMENTS on a recent poll that asked Americans which decade of the 20th century they would most like to return to:

The most popular choice of seniors by far was the 1950s. In fact, if you discount the ’20s, which probably just seems like an interesting, faraway decade, the most popular choice of nearly every age group is a decade of their youth. Millennials like the ’90s, when they were growing up. My generation likes the ’80s, when we were just out of college. Only the thirtysomethings seem not to care, showing no particular preference for any decade between the ’50s and ’90s.

But it’s the nostalgia of seniors for the ’50s that intrigues me the most. I’d love to see a demographic breakdown of that. I assume that nonwhites aren’t pining away for that era, which means that white seniors must really be in love with it to produce such a high overall number. Likewise, I’d guess that women might not be too thrilled with it. If that’s true, it means that white male seniors must be nostalgic for the ’50s in fantastic numbers.




  1. I guess I’m not a geezer since I’ll take the 80s over the 50s. The music from the mid 60s to the mid 90s is what I like best for nostalgia. As far as cars, I like the mid 60s to the early 70s the best. I miss all the chrome.

    The only thing I would like about the 50s is, all the people that were important to me were still alive and I had 2 generations in front of me before it was my generation that started kickin the bucket.

    It can be unsettling if you dwell too much on all the people you know from your own generation whose obituaries you’re now reading. Makes you realize your own immortality when you make that change from thinking more about the past than the future.

  2. I went to high school in the ’50s and have fond memories of that decade. But my favorite decade is the ’60s, mainly because of the incredible pace of cultural and political change. For example, America was a much different place in 1968 than it had been just three years earlier in 1965. This dizzying pace of change was extremely unsettling to most older folks. That’s one of the reasons why Nixon was elected president in ’68 (although only by a very slim margin).

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