Bill O’Reilly spews falsehoods about crime in Chicago


No matter how often people like me try to dispel certain widespread fictions about crime in Chicago — my latest such effort is HERE — right-wing pundits persist in peddling nonsense.

Take Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly, for EXAMPLE:

For someone who’s recently been presenting himself as an expert on the troubles facing black America, and as a sage with answers regarding violent crime, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly continues to display an obvious ignorance about both.

Last night, while claiming to provide the unvarnished truth, O’Reilly insisted the answer to curbing Chicago’s gun violence was to put more cops on the streets. “Just look at Chicago,” he said during his Talking Points Memo segment. “The violence there could be stopped by flooding the zone with police on literally every corner of dangerous neighborhoods,”

He claimed that wasn’t being done because local “racial hustlers” would object; because they “would rather see kids die” than admit “an acute social and criminal problem in many poor precincts.” According to O’Reilly, this is a “very tough statement, but it’s true.”

Put more police on the streets? Why didn’t Chicago public safety officials think of that?

Answer: They did. Flooding dangerous neighborhoods with more cops has been the cornerstone of the Chicago Police Department’s effort to curb violence this year. Anyone who spent five minutes researching the city’s crime-fighting efforts would know that.

From the Associated Press:

Hundreds of Chicago police officers are hitting the streets on overtime every night in dangerous neighborhoods, the latest tactic by Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration to reduce killings in a city dogged by its homicide rate and heartbreaking stories about honor students and small children caught in the crossfire.

Bill O’Reilly, however, remains blissfully unaware of that fact.

He’s also completely unaware that Chicago’s crime rate is down sharply this year. In July, O’Reilly likened the city’s murder rate to  “many Holocausts.” Last night, he toned that comparison down, merely suggesting “the Windy City has turned into Afghanistan.”

Fact: “Murders are down 26 percent compared with the same period last year, to the lowest number since 1965.”

Despite the hype around the city being some sort of killing capital,  Chicago’s murder rate ranked 21st in the nation in 2012. And as the Chicago Tribune’s Eric Zorn noted last month, “Chicago also wasn’t even close to the most dangerous city in America last year, ranking 43rd in overall per capita violent crime in preliminary data.”




  1. Brian Opsahl

    This why I harp on about the liars at fox…the truth has never gotten in the way of a good BS story that comes straight off of fox and for some strange reason folks come to work the next day telling me how Obama did this or that and after taking like five minutes of looking you find out that the story is pure BS and came from those liars and they do this about every day. and call themselves fair and balanced….oh my puke…!!

  2. Neftali

    So let’s recap:

    1. Liberals are mad because O’Reilly isn’t up to date on the very latest tactical strategies of the Chicago police.

    2. They use the crime per capita statistic which is incredibly misleading. The high amount of violent crime I is weighted down by the sheer number of people in less violent areas. If you look at the actual number of incidents of violent crime, Chicago is still in the top 5 in the country.

    3. Poor overly impressionable and guillble Brian is now I’ll because he doesn’t understand what the dictionary definition of a lie is. Because I’m such a swell fellow, I’ll help him out. A lie is when you know the truth, put purposely deceive. In this case, it is highly unlikely O’Reilly was aware of the latest Chicago police tactics, in other words, he’s not a liar.

  3. Brian Opsahl

    You must not watch O’Reilly very much nef, he is an old pro at twisting lies…you think otherwise your paying attention at all…he is a serial liar at best nef,

    And the rest of what I said about fox…pick a lie any lie.

    Like around Thanksgiving when they spent over 3 days sayin how the President was taking God out of Thanksgiving…..crap like that nef….!!! I could go on all day about the daily lies told about President Obama…how about the election lies..

  4. Neftali

    Brian – you are the one that doesn’t watch O’reilly. If you did you wouldn’t be making those accusations. Besides, you have this bad habit of stereotyping everything, the real world isn’t so black and white. You also have a bad habit of aimlessly drifting from one subject to the next. Stay on point to the discussion. In this singular instance, O’Reilly is not a liar.

  5. Neftali, you got it right. “2. They use the crime per capita statistic which is incredibly misleading. The high amount of violent crime I is weighted down by the sheer number of people in less violent areas. If you look at the actual number of incidents of violent crime, Chicago is still in the top 5 in the country.”

    Same can be said about Rockford. If you removed the crime stats from the west side of Rockford as well as the neighborhood that is bordered by the Rock river, East State, 11th St, and 15th Ave (and a few pockets in the lower NE part of town), out of Rockford’s overall crime rate, that city would have a fairly good reputation for being safe and livable too.

    The big unspoken truth is the majority of violent crime in Chicago as well as Rockford emanates from specific neighborhoods,

  6. O’Reilly claimed that Chicago cops aren’t flooding high crime areas because local “racial hustlers” would object; because they “would rather see kids die” than admit “an acute social and criminal problem in many poor precincts.” According to O’Reilly, this is a “very tough statement, but it’s true.”

    What a bunch of clap-trap. The real hustler in this matter is O’Reilly. How dare he say that Chicago cops “would rather see kids die.” How dare he use the term “racial hustlers” to characterize the many black community leaders in Chicago who bust their butts trying to deal with problems in their neighborhoods! How dare he suggest that these leaders object to concentration of police efforts in troubled neighborhoods! The leaders encourage those efforts rather than object to them!

    Ah, but Neftali says O’Reilly is “not a liar.” The hell he’s not! He’s peddling flat-out falsehoods to confirm the prejudices of the geezer morons who watch his show. He knows absolutely nothing about the crime situation in Chicago or what the cops are doing to deal with it.

    And then Robert comes up with this stupid observation: “The big unspoken truth is the majority of violent crime in Chicago as well as Rockford emanates from specific neighborhoods.” Well, duh! That’s also true of every sizable city in America that has a crime problem. There not any city where all the crime is evenly distributed across all neighborhoods. But that seems not to have occurred to Robert, the self-styled criminologist. No, he thinks there’s a conspiracy to conceal “the big unspoken truth.”

    Furthermore, Robert and Neftali both think there’s some kind of deception at play in the reporting of crime stats on a per capita basis. But the stats for every city are reported that way. On the local level, the authorities are fully aware of crime figures in certain neighborhoods and deploy their resources accordingly. That’s what’s happening in Chicago, and that’s why the city’s overall crime rate is going down — even though that bigoted idiot O’Reilly either doesn’t know the truth of the matter or chooses not to mention it.

    This per-capita stuff has Robert and Neftali so confused that they think they’ve come up with a tell-tale revelation in their claim that “the actual number of incidents of violent crime [shows that] Chicago is still in the top 5 in the country.”

    But Chicago is the third largest city in America. Naturally, it’s going to have more violent crimes in total than smaller cities. But even at that, as Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune is quoted in the post above, “Chicago wasn’t even close to the most dangerous city in America last year, ranking 43rd in overall per capita violent crime.”

    Oh, but Zorn used “per capita” figures. That’s a big no-no to geniuses like Neftali and Robert. He must be trying to cover-up the ugly truth of the matter, right? As any social scientist will tell you, per capita measurements are just sinister attempts at deception, right?

    You guys just can’t face the undeniable fact that crime, including murder, is not nearly as bad in Chicago as the right-wing liars say it is. And you’re way out of your league in your pathetic, ill-informed efforts to argue otherwise.

  7. Pat, do you feel better now? I bet that little diatribe was quite cathartic for you. Call me all the names you want. I’ve been called just about every derogatory term in the book. Yours are nothing new. Well, maybe stupid is. Never been called that as an adult, at least to my internet face. You hold the prize for that one. When I give my dog a prize it’s usually a dog biscuit, so you can expect one if I ever meet you in person.

    I want to see come out of your mind and through your finger tips and in your own words, not some quotes from other authors, the main racial make up of those crime ridden neighborhoods even you say are in every sizeable city. Everybody knows that answer but I don’t ever see you type it or expound on it. That is why I say its the unspoken truth. Why is it such a difficult subject for you, Chuck and Ted to breech?

    Pat, If you’re so liberal, why don’t you go move into the heart of the these crime ridden neighborhoods? I bet you live in a neighborhood where just about everybody looks like you (not your mug, your skin color). Why is that? Because you feel safer? Before you start referring to other peoples prejudices, you should look at your own.

    I want to read your perspectives about race issues as it relates to what O’reilly was referring to, and not some quotes from other people to get your point across. If the unspoken truth in my mind is some conspiracy, then you won’t have any problem expressing your own take on why some neighborhoods are more prone to violence, the causes of that violence (poverty is just one cause so don’t focus totally on it), and who are the main perpetrators of that violence, and I might add the same violence that is a big problem in Rockford.


  8. Poor Robert! His nonsense about per capita data and other aspects of crime rates in Chicago (especially as Bill O’Reilly views them) have been thoroughly debunked here, so now he’s changing the subject and challenging me to admit that I have few, if any, neighbors who aren’t white.

    The truth, Robert, is that my neighbors within a few hundred yards of my home include African-Americans, Hispanics, Asian-Americans and Middle-Eastern Americans. There isn’t much crime in my neighborhood, nor do I want to live where there is a lot of crime. But unlike you, Robert, I don’t attribute high crime rates to anything other than economic conditions. You seem not to understand that there are neighborhoods in this country that have high concentrations of black or Hispanic folks but low crime rates.

    Listen, Robert, if you want to continue defending that raging bigot Bill O’Reilly, have at it. Just try to avoid the foolish arguments you used in your first comment in this thread.

  9. By the way, Bill O’Reilly revealed his racist mindset six years ago when he publicly discussed his having had dinner at Sylvia’s restaurant in Harlem.

    He said he “couldn’t get over the fact that there was no difference between Sylvia’s restaurant and any other restaurant in New York City. I mean, it was exactly the same, even though it’s run by blacks, primarily black patronship.” O’Reilly added: “There wasn’t one person in Sylvia’s who was screaming, ‘M-Fer, I want more iced tea.’ “

  10. Ben Miller

    74 gunned down in Chicago over 4th of July and half way through the year 220 murders are worth bragging about? Must be liberal mentality? Tough gun laws do not take guns out of the hands of criminals….they only make it difficult for law abiding citizens to protect themselves. If only Rahm could figure out a way to get the guns away from law-abiding citizens, his problems would be over. That pesky little document called the Constitution with the 2d Amendment just keeps getting in the way though, doesn’t it, Rahm!!

  11. Pat, kind of a simplistic response to a complex issue that doesn’t address root generational causes, but I’ll accept most of it, except where you define me.

    I think over the years I’ve defined my position on this subject rather well. And I’m not a big fan of O’reilly, but sometimes people on the right will talk about things people on the left gloss over or distance themselves from.

    I’m ready to move on for now. Next subject?

  12. Craig Knauss

    Crime statistics are quoted as incidents per 100,000 population. That shouldn’t be too hard to understand. If you just want raw numbers, such as murders, then stay the hell away from Texas and Louisiana! They will have well over 220 murders so far this year. And for Ben’s info, I lived a few blocks from Chicago city limits in 1974. There were 970 murders that year. 220 at this point, for a city with nearly 3 million, is not excessive. New Orleans has a murder rate nearly 3 times that of Chicago. And Alaska has a murder rate at the top of the list. There aren’t many people in Alaska, but when they get together look out!

  13. Brian Opsahl

    Adams Township in Wisconsin just past the dells once had the murder per- capita record…
    They had a triple murder and a population of only like fifty or something like that…they beat Chicago,New Orleans,L.A…all of them for just one year… just sayin.

  14. neftali, how do you know bill is not lying? Unless you are mr. papabear himself you have no idea what he does, or doesn’t know.

    IMO papabear is a bit of carnival barker. Or maybe foxnews very own flavor flav.

    And if the so called news man wants to do a story on what the police are doing to stop all the murders he should at least look up what they are currently doing. If he didn’t take the 5 min to look then he should find a new job.

  15. Patrick, You can put up all the articles you want implying Chicago crime isn’t as bad as the media makes it out to be. As long as the Black gangs rule certain sections of that town, Chicago deservedly gets that stigma. Same for Rockford.

    Much of that Black gang violence overflows into the surrounding towns as many of these players are forced out of Chicago into towns like Rockford because the rent is cheaper.

    These gang members bring their violent ways with them, not to mention the urban decay that happens in such environments.

    The two things that stop me from me considering a move back to Rockford are the gang violence that is now spreading to the SE and inner NE sections and the snowy winters.

    People of all colors want to feel safe above all and the gang violence that continues to be a well deserved perception from within the Black neighborhoods has got to be reckoned with and not written off by politically correct journalist who don’t want the wrath of the people who scream racists every time this conversation comes up.

    Are all Blacks violent, hell no. Is there a huge gang violence problem with the Black neighborhoods, hell yes.


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