NCAA rules foster the financial exploitation of college athletes


THIS PROVOCATIVE PIECE by Scott Lemieux is best summed up by the last two sentences:

The demand for NCAA sports means that large amounts of money are going to be generated; the only question is who will get it. To allow everyone but the players to make money is both immoral and based on empirically erroneous premises.



  1. It is disingenuous to say that the players don’t make money off of college athletics. They certainly do.

  2. Steverino

    Networks like ESPN are exploiting high school sports. Do these athletes deserve compensation to perform in front of the camera?

  3. The Ihsa also has a network showing games. Should those student athletes get paid to?

    Doc not everyone on the team gets a scholarship. Some athletes on the college level have to pay there way. Is it fair the NCAA makes money on these players?

    Their is a long list of college athletes that have been paid. I can still remember seeing Desmond Howard driving a brand new Lexus that was pimped out. This was while he was at Michigan. I’m sure he got paid. Chris webber got paid. Cam newton got paid. The list goes on.

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